News Archive - Jul, 2004

SMan v1.3 updates - 11:44am 27-Jul-2004

Added the online menu (English) for SMan v1.3.

SMan v1.3 updates - 2:55pm 18-Jul-2004

Build 200 of SMan v1.3 is now available, fixes some bugs that users have reported. We have also French and Spanish versions.

The filenames are the same, so please make sure you have cleared you cache before downloading the new version.

SMan v1.3 is now available - 5:00pm 16-Jul-2004

SMan v1.3 is now available. SMan v1.3 is available in English, Chinese (Traditional), Norwegian, and Portuguese languages. Go to the SMan pages here.

FutureMark does the smartphone dance - 11:48am 9-Jul-2004

The UIQ version will be available in Q3 / 2004.

SPMark04 is the most comprehensive benchmark for modern smartphones. The retail version works on the latest Symbian OS based phones, and enables you professionally measure and compare performance and power consumption across various smartphones and workloads. The Developer's Edition can be ported to various other platforms. SPMark04 gives an easy-to-understand SPMark04 score which is fully comparable with that of other phones.

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Symbian owners foil Nokia takeover - 6:28pm 7-Jul-2004

Symbian's other shareholders have stopped Nokia from taking majority ownership of the smart phone OS developer.

Symbian is expected to announce at a London press conference in London this afternoon that most shareholders have exercised their rights to buy bigger stakes in the company. Only Samsung is ducking out, according to the FT, which means that Nokia will be left with around 49 per cent of the business.

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GSMBOX does the F500i - 6:26pm 7-Jul-2004

The Sony Ericsson F500i is the name of the new cellular phone co-produced by the Japanese/Swedish venture Sony Ericsson and the mobile telephony giant Vodafone. Announced only a few days ago, this new camera phone is available exclusively for users of the Vodafone Live service. It boasts a wide colour screen, integrated digital camera, and support for polyphonic ring tones.

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Smallest ever Sony Ericsson phone announced - 6:24pm 7-Jul-2004

The Sony Ericsson Premini ships with the colours silver and black, weights only 69 gram and has as 160 x 128 pixels 65536 colour display. The 69 gram is one gram lighter than the mobile phone unveiled by NEC in February witch was claimed to be the smallest Internet-capable mobile phone.

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Ericsson makes a world record on EDGE speeds - 6:22pm 7-Jul-2004

Ericsson says that it has achieved world record peak data speed - 235.6 kbit/s across the radio interface - on T-Mobile's EDGE network in Hungary. Performance, functionality and download capacity of the network was measured for two weeks in Budapest.

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Sony Ericsson takes control of Chinese venture - 6:21pm 7-Jul-2004

Sony Ericsson with Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications China says that it has received approval by the Ministry of Commerce to take control of Beijing Ericsson Putian Mobile Communications (BMC), a joint-venture mobile phone manufacturing facility, by raising its share holding to 51%. BMC will become an in-house manufacturing site strengthening global supply and shortening product ramp-up times. In addition, it was also announced that Sony Ericsson?s China R&D Center will expand into a global Development Unit to develop products and applications for China as well as for the global market.

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Ericsson cuts debt costs - 6:17pm 7-Jul-2004

Ericsson has signed an amendment that improves the terms and conditions of its US$1 billion revolving credit facility. The amended facility, maturing in September 2007 and structured as a forward start agreement (FSA), will replace the existing facility of US$1 billion, which matures in September 2004.

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