News Archive - Nov, 2003

SMan v1.2c is now available - 7:43am 19-Nov-2003

SMan has been updated. Fixes a problem which P900 users have been experiencing. English and French versions available. You can download them here.

Fireware revision page updated - 7:09am 19-Nov-2003

Updated the firmware revision page. Updated the Z600 info. Thanks to Jazzy.

French version of SMan v1.2b is now available - 8:05pm 7-Nov-2003

Thanks to SuperNo, a forum member in for his efforts in translating the SMan program and the manual into French. You can download the French version here.

Firmware revision page updated - 10:02pm 6-Nov-2003

Updated the firmware revision page with updated P900 info. Thanks to KaSS for the update.

The register has picked up the bluejack thingy... - 5:43pm 5-Nov-2003

Bluetooth's growth may not convert bluejacking into anything more than a short-lived fad. "I have to say, I'm not overly enthused by it," commented Matthew Towers, IMS Research's senior Bluetooth analyst, referring to bluejacking as a market driver.

Read the complete story here.

Bluejack in the media - 10:36pm 4-Nov-2003

The phone forums around the world are carrying a story about bluejacking from a story published by the BBC. Something I had figured out and documented almost a year ago has finally gone mainstream.

You can read the news article here.

SMan v1.2b is now available - 5:18pm 4-Nov-2003

Just released SMan v1.2b, no more bugs (finally!). Waiting for translators for other languages to send in the manual and RSS files.

Check out the updated SMan v1.2b here.