News Archive - Oct, 2003

Updated the Developers page - 7:28pm 31-Oct-2003

Removed the UIQ pre-release SDK link and added Borland and AppForge.

MobileVB in a Crossfire - 7:12pm 31-Oct-2003

With the growing adoption in the industry for .NET, AppForge is adding the Crossfire product line to support this community of developers. AppForge will continue to market MobileVB, its current development platform for Visual Basic 6.0, allowing companies to extend legacy enterprise applications to mobile and wireless devices.

Read the complete press release here.

MobileVB does it Solo - 7:10pm 31-Oct-2003

The MobileVB Solo products are being launched for value conscious developers who are interested in creating mobile and wireless applications for a single device platform. Built on the same underlying technology as MobileVB, there are five MobileVB Solo versions - Palm OS, Pocket PC, Symbian UIQ, Nokia Series 60, and Nokia Series 80.

Read the complete press release here.

Ericsson is making money again! - 6:54pm 30-Oct-2003

Ericsson is starting to make a profit.


"Ericsson is back to profit, which is an important milestone, but a lot still remains to be done before we reach good profitability," says Carl-Henric Svanberg, President and CEO of Ericsson. "The cost savings, as well as cash flow and gross margin improvements are the result of dedicated employees with a clear understanding of the need to be in control of our own destiny.

Our direction is clear. We are targeting an operating expenses run rate of SEK 33 b. by Q3 2004 and will continue to focus on cost and operational excellence. We must respond even quicker to customers' changing needs and leverage our technology and market leadership. This is the way to secure the profitability and cost advantages attainable by the market leader."

Read the press release here. You can download the complete financial (.PDF) report here

GSMBOX does a preview of the Z200 and P900 - 1:35am 29-Oct-2003

The guys at GSMBOX have done a preview of the Z200 and P900.

You can read the Z200 preview here or the P900 preview here.

US court throws out cellphone cancer case - 1:32am 29-Oct-2003

The USA's 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has upheld a lower court decision to throw out a US$800 million lawsuit against several mobile phone manufacturers and networks. Dr. Christopher J. Newman used a cellular telephone manufactured by Motorola. from October 1992 until he was diagnosed with brain cancer in March 1998. During that time Dr. Newman says that he spoke on the telephone for approximately 343 hours, typically holding the phone next to his right ear with the antenna retracted. Dr. Newman claimed in his court case that his use of a cellular phone, and specifically his exposure to radiofrequency radiation, caused his malignant brain tumor.

Read the complete story here.

3G network launched in Malaysia - 1:27am 29-Oct-2003

China's Huawei Technologies has made a success in the soft launch of a pre-commercial WCDMA network in Malaysia on behalf of Telekom Malaysia. Huawei-Telekom 3G pilot network covers the city center of Kuala Lumpur, including the renowned Petronas Twin Tower and KL Tower. A variety of commercial 3G handsets can be supported in the network. This soft launch is just the beginning of cooperation between Telekom Malaysia and Huawei. In the near future, Huawei will be working closely with Telekom Malaysia on the R&D, business plan, as well as the provisioning of attractive and lucrative 3G applications and services.

Read the complete story here.

Mobile IM with Java enabled Sony Ericsson phones - 1:20am 29-Oct-2003

JustYak Chat Mobile Instant Messaging is an application that enables Instant Messaging Service for mobile users using Java-enabled mobile phones and General Packet Data Radio Service (GPRS) networks. It now supports the popular Sony Ericsson T610 and the new Z600. JustYak Chat is also the first mobile instant messaging service that supports Nokia's Series 30 and Series 40 phones. Other Java-enabled phones from Motorola, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, and Siemens have already been supported since the introduction of JustYak Chat.

Read the complete story here.

Updated the SMan v1.2 page - 6:04pm 21-Oct-2003

Droll has just released v1.2a which fixes all existing known bugs found. Thanks to f.u. for helping us test this software.

Sony Ericsson announces the T630 - 2:57pm 21-Oct-2003

At simultaneous events in Beijing and Las Vegas, Sony Ericsson today unveiled a new mobile phone for easy, stylish mobile imaging; the T630. Putting an end to phones having a front and a back, the T630 has two sides. One for the camera with a mirror to aid self-portraiture, the other for telephony, featuring easy access to communications, imaging and gaming. Its in-built camera, bright 65K TFT colour screen, fun-to-use features and sleek design are set to make the T630 a bestseller.

Read the press release here.
To know more about the T630, visit this link here.

Firmware revision page updated - 12:41pm 21-Oct-2003

Updated the firmare revision page. Updated with P900 info.

Updated the SMan v1.2 page - 12:38pm 21-Oct-2003

Another bug found... fixed... we should be releasing SMan v1.2a tomorrow. This is not yet confirmed, but from the looks of things, tomorrow. No promises.

Sony Ericsson announces the P900 - 12:36pm 21-Oct-2003

At simultaneous events in Las Vegas and Beijing today, Sony Ericsson unveiled the much anticipated P900 smartphone, to be available starting next month. Building on the successful P800, the P900 is smaller, faster, simpler and more flexible than ever before. With significant upgrades such as video recording capability, 65K colour touch screen, and increased memory, the P900 is not only a high-quality camera phone, but also provides full PDA/organizer functions as well as a good gaming experience.

Read the complete press release here.
To know more about the P900, visit this link here.

SMan v1.2 page updated - 6:00pm 20-Oct-2003

Two bugs have been found so far, I have documented them and how to fix/avoid the problems till v1.2a has been released.

SMan v1.2 Released - 2:18pm 20-Oct-2003

SMan v1.2 is now available. Currently, we have the english version made available for all to download. Other languages are in the works and will be released within the next thirty (30) days. The source codes for v1.1a of SMan is also available. Important, please read the LICENSE.TXT file for source code usage!

You can download SMan by clicking here.

SMan v1.2 - 6:21pm 15-Oct-2003

Sony Ericsson is making money! - 6:18pm 15-Oct-2003

Units shipped in the quarter reached 7.1 million, which is 42% higher year-on-year. Sales for the quarter were Euro 1,305 million, representing a year-on-year increase of 50%. The strategic focus areas of GSM and Japanese standards posted a 73% and 130% year-on-year growth in shipments respectively. This growth is primarily driven by high demand for imaging phones in these markets.

Income before taxes was Euro 39 million and net income was Euro 62 million, which represent year-on-year improvements of Euro 155 million and Euro 155 million respectively.

Read the complete story here.

Firmware revision page updated - 2:43pm 9-Oct-2003

Added Z600 firmware info.

2 Nokia mobile phones explode - 6:42pm 8-Oct-2003

In August a cell phone exploded and earlier this week a supermarket worker suffered burns when a cell phone caught fire in his pocket. On the first occasion, a 3rd party manufactured battery was blamed for the explosion, however local media reports are suggesting that the second fire was caused while the phone was using a genuine Nokia battery.

Read the complete story here and here.

Web browsers in cellphones lead to higher data usage - 6:38pm 8-Oct-2003

In June this year, the Portuguese telecom operator Optimus launched their own branded version of Opera's Smartphone Edition on their Nokia 3650 phones. The preliminary results are now in, proving Optimus' hunch correct. Data shows users loving Opera on their phones, and data traffic sharply rising.

From May to August GPRS data traffic on Optimus' network increased a whopping 416%. Considering that Opera is merely on a small number of Optimus' phones, subscribers with Opera on their phones generate thousands of percent more data traffic than subscribers without Opera's full Internet experience.

Read the complete story here.

The Register reports on the P900 - 11:36pm 6-Oct-2003

SonyEricsson has sold around a million of its P800 smartphone, making it the most popular single PDA model on the market. Although you'd never know it, as the device is outsold by other phones and has a negligible presence in the US consumer market. But it's set to unveil the P900, on October 26, according to reports. Unlike the long-awaited, then delayed P800 which basked in months of pre-publicity, SonyEricsson has attempted to keep the successor a closely guarded secret, refusing to release a photograph or even acknowledge the name.

Read the complete story here.

3G won't fry your brains, vested interests claim - 4:45pm 3-Oct-2003

According to a report in Reuters, the GSM Association claims that the effects reported by a survey commissioned for government departments in The Netherlands is "too small" to be taken seriously.

Read the complete story here.

Firewalls for mobile phones make their debut - 4:43pm 3-Oct-2003

So that brings its own dangers and now E-Plus, owned by the Dutch KPN Group, has done something about it.

E-Plus has become the first to confess that it is running firewall software - FireWall-1 GX - built by Check Point which guards its entire IP based mobile network against malicious attack.

Read the complete story here.

Third tier operators form alliance - 4:39pm 3-Oct-2003

I wonder if DiGi will join the alliance since Telenor owns a chunk of DiGi.

The new alliance will initially span the European territories of its members and address more than 40 million subscribers. It aims to be quick to market with new, innovative cross-border products and services as well as co-operate on initiatives, including technology, sourcing and sales. As the alliance develops, it will expand to cover other key regions to further enhance the reach and 'home-away-from-home' experience of its customers, backed by the same simplicity, convenience and service quality to which they are accustomed.

Read the complete story here.

Manufacturer classifications - 7:27pm 2-Oct-2003

Want to know how manufacturers position their phones in the market? The guys at Mobile-Review has done a great job explaining them.

Read the complete story here.

iMobile does the T230 and Z600 - 7:21pm 2-Oct-2003

The guys at iMobile have done a review of both the T230 and Z600 phone. You can read about them with the URLs below.

Sony Ericsson T230 review.
Sony Ericsson Z600 review.

Updated the firmware revision page - 6:41pm 2-Oct-2003

Updated the firmware revision page. Updates are for T610.

3G base station health concerns - 6:38pm 2-Oct-2003

A study for the Dutch government has reported that 3G base stations could cause nausea and headaches in people close to them. The study compared the impact of radiation from GSM base stations with 3G base stations.

Read the complete story here.

Lack of high speed data hurting base station sales - 6:36pm 2-Oct-2003

The year 2003 has been a very trying year for cellular service providers deploying infrastructure, especially for those that have invested large amounts for 3G licenses and equipment, reports In-Stat/MDR. Without the drive of high-speed data demand, the trend in units and overall base station revenue is down. Last year, total cellular base station revenue was over US$31 billion, and with continuing price pressures, spectrum efficiency increases and slowing subscriber growth rates, the high-tech market research firm forecasts this same revenue to be almost half that in 2007.

Read the complete story here.

100 million subscribers using Ericsson's prepaid systems - 6:34pm 2-Oct-2003

In September, Ericsson reached a milestone in the mobile prepaid area as more than 100 million subscribers now are served by an Ericsson prepaid system. Ericsson says that it remains the leading supplier in this field and continues to grow more than the market average.

Read the complete story here.