News - Oct, 2002

Sony Ericsson has released the MMS Home Studio v1.1.0 - 4:32pm 30-Oct-2002

You can now create MMS content on your PC and send it off to your friend. An interesting thing about it is that you must upgrade your T68 to firmware R5C001 or higher to download the MMS.

The MMS Home Studio allows you to easily create MMS messages on your PC, preview the result in emulators and download the MMS to the Sony Ericsson T68i, T300, and P800 phones.

Read more about the software here.

Pre-release Symbian OS 7 UIQ SDK for P800 - 4:29pm 30-Oct-2002

Ericsson has a pre-release of the P800 SDK. Look for more of in the the Developers page.

P800 a Remote Control - 4:26pm 30-Oct-2002

Remote Control, an exciting new application for the Sony Ericsson P800, allows users to connect to a home or office PC over the Internet from any location and via any type of connection -- modem, mobile phone or wireless. They can then fetch documents, read e-mail, and so on. They can even check on the status of and control Web servers.

Read the complete story here.

New P800 white paper - 11:39am 28-Oct-2002

Ericsson's Mobility World has an updated P800 white paper dated 15-Oct-2002. You can get it the proper way by getting it here or take it directly without registration from here.

Updated the firmware revision list - 1:11am 28-Oct-2002

Updated the firmware revision list. Thanks to Tim for the info.

Sony Ericsson gadgets featured in James Bond's latest movie - 12:12am 22-Oct-2002

Sony Ericsson has partnered with MGM and EON for the new James Bond movie, "Die Another Day", produced by Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli, due to be arriving in cinemas in November. Pierce Brosnan is James Bond and stars alongside Halle Berry as Jinx, Rosamund Pike as Miranda Frost and Toby Stephens as the main villain; Gustav Graves. Sony Ericsson's products have been selected to appear in the movie, and they also star in a special co-promotional campaign, that offers limited edition product packages and premium content for phones.

Read the complete story here.

You can also get a special edition wallpaper (5.7MB) and a screen shot (6MB) of Zao (Rick Yune) with a P800.

How mobile phones let spies see our every move - 10:06am 17-Oct-2002

Big brother is watching you...

The technology 'sees' the shapes made when radio waves emitted by mobile phone masts meet an obstruction. Signals bounced back by immobile objects, such as walls or trees, are filtered out by the receiver. This allows anything moving, such as cars or people, to be tracked. Previously, radar needed massive fixed equipment to work and transmissions from mobile phone masts were thought too weak to be useful.

Read the complete story here.

Opera to do the P800 - 10:44am 16-Oct-2002

Opera Software has developed a 'secret sauce' implementation of its browser intended to bring the full web experience to smartphones (with Nokia's Series 60 and Sony-Ericsson's UIQ platforms among the early targets. And as a consequence, Opera CTO Hakon Lie told The Register earlier today, WAP will become redundant, and will die.

Read the complete story here.

Updated the firmware revision list - 10:48am 14-Oct-2002

I've updated the firmware revision list and added the new models released by Sony Ericsson. Would appreciate feedback from other should you find a newer revision listed in your phone.

Incompatibility hinders 3G services - 8:46am 9-Oct-2002

Vendors such as Nokia and Ericsson are implementing complex testing procedures alongside mobile operators and software developers to ensure their phones, networks and applications can communicate, but the process is likely to take a long time.

Read the complete story here.

3G finds its missing links - 8:44am 9-Oct-2002

Ericsson last week also demonstrated a dual-mode handset, handing over between GSM and WCDMA networks and delivering a variety of voice, data, and video applications at speeds up to 384kbit/s. The company expects to sell 3G handsets from the second quarter of next year. The ability to switch between GSM and 3G modes without dropping calls will be important for the success of 3G.

Read the complete story here.

P800 reported stable - 4:24pm 8-Oct-2002

The Italian P800 site has reported that the P800 is now stable and looks to be ready for commercial production. Unfortunately, the site is written in Italian (any translators out there?). But for those who "speaka de language," you can have a read here.

Updates - 4:55pm 7-Oct-2002

Updated the links page. Sony Ericsson is very quiet these days. :-(

T600 review - 9:37am 4-Oct-2002

The guys at iMobile have done a review of the T600. Read the review here.

Ericsson closes its regional R&D lab in Australia - 9:15am 4-Oct-2002

Ericsson has announced it is closing its Australian research center, with the loss of 450 jobs. This is part of a global reduction in R&D across the company's global operations in the last 18 months and will impact 450 staff in both Melbourne and Sydney over the next six to nine months.

Read the complete story here.

T68i Photo Maker Plus - 5:34pm 2-Oct-2002

Kenny Li has written a program called T68i Photo Maker Plus that allows every T68 and T300 user to edit any picture (much like Sony Ericsson's Image Editor) but with a few nifty extras to it (TWAIN scanning, uploading direct from the program, etc).

Why don't you visit him here.

RingTone - 5:19pm 2-Oct-2002

Timothy Yeung has written a MIDI-to-ringtone Java based program that can output .EMY and .IMY files.

Why don't you visit him here.

Cell phone-tumor lawsuit tossed - 5:10pm 2-Oct-2002

A federal judge Monday threw out an $800 million lawsuit filed by a Maryland doctor who claims cell phones caused his brain tumor.

Read the complete story here.

Sony Ericsson T100 information released - 8:26am 2-Oct-2002

Two sites have done write-ups of Sony Ericsson's newest offering. They can be found GSMBOX and CELLULAR NEWS.

Windows XP to speak Bluetooth - 9:11am 1-Oct-2002

In a move that could represent a boost for the Bluetooth short-range wireless communications specification, Microsoft has released to manufacturers Windows XP Support for Bluetooth-Enabled Devices. A software layer with appropriate programming interfaces was sent out to developers this week, but users shouldn't expect to see native Windows XP support from Bluetooth hardware manufacturers for another three to six months, says a Microsoft spokesperson.

Read the complete story here.

Apple has released iSync - 9:06am 1-Oct-2002

I just visited Apple's iSync page and it looks like Apple has released a beta of the iSync program.

You can visit the site from the Mac page or click here.