Last updated: 9-Mar-2004

Sony Ericsson Developers World

Ericsson Mobility World
Ericsson's Mobile Internet Developers World Complete list of documents available

Mophun Gaming Platform
The gaming platform adopted by Sony Ericsson.

Moscot Capsule Gaming Platform
Another gaming platform adopted by Sony Ericsson.

Sun ONE Studio 4
Download the Java 2 Mobile Edition (J2ME) to develope software for the P800. It's free!

CodeWarrior Development Tools
Almost all Symbian OS based programs are written with CodeWarrior.
Apply for an evaluation copy of CodeWarrior Personal Edition for Symbian OS by clicking here.

You can also download directly from their FTP site by clicking here and e-mail metrowerks at and requesting for a 30 day evaluation key.

OPL - Open Programming Language
OPL is an interpreted BASIC-like language purpose-built for Symbian OS.

Sony Ericsson device emulators (Java)
Emulator skin are created for Sun J2ME Wireless ToolKit and works with Sun ONE Studio, Mobile Edition and CodeWarrior Wireless Studio 7 Professional Edition.

Cross-platform compiler for Visual Basic programmers for UIQ devices.

C++BuilderX (Mobile Edition).
JBuilder (Mobile Edition).

AT Command Set Manuals

Ericsson I888 AT Command Set
Ericsson R320 AT Command Set
Ericsson R520 AT Command Set
Ericsson T39 AT Command Set
Ericsson T68 AT Command Set
Ericsson T68i AT Command Set