Welcome to the renegade-uiq site!

The contents of this site was previously hosted at http://renegade.w3xs.com (thanks Gerry!) but due to problems outside our control that site went down and we then decided to host this on my own site.

This site was originally intended for Ericsson enthusiast and as a result, I have ported most of the Ericsson phone stuff into this new site. However, my focus has changed more toward the UIQ implementations with the site focusing more on the Sony Ericsson implementations, but are willing to work with other manufacturers UIQ implementation for our very popular SMan application.

Please feel free to look around and don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Warning! All the information contain in this site is purely for education purposes only. If you find the information or programs (or their links) here useful, by all means, please go ahead and use it. If the above said is illegal in your country, please refrain from using it. You have been warned.

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