Tips & Tricks

Replace sounds for inbuilt games in T68i

During startup all games check the filesystem for game sound files, format supported are .imy and .amr files.

Note: This information was taken from the website.

Generic sound files used by all games
game_start When the game starts
game_terminate When the game ends
game_gameover At gameover
game_lifelost Lifelost
game_clrhiscore Clear highscore
game_showhiscore Show highscore

Below are additional sound filenames specific for use with a game and if exists is used in addition to the generic sound filenames described above. The "game_<gamename>_start" file if exist is used instead of the generic "game_start" file.

game_tetris_start When the game starts
game_newlev When you enter a new level
game_drop When you make a drop

Naval fleet
game_shiphit Hit a ship
game_shipsunk Ship sinks
game_shipmiss Missed a ship
game_shipwin Win
game_shiploose Loose

game_bounce Bounce
game_crash Crash
game_fill Fill

game_q_start When the game starts
game_fanfare When you have completed a level
game_q_move When a ball is moved
game_q_bounch When a ball bounch