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Enhancing MIDI playback on your P800

I got an e-mail from Beatnik yesterday (25-Sep-2003), and the person who contacted me kindly told me that copying of the patch sets is not allowed and is in violation of the owners copyright. Due to that fact, I am forced to remove the links to the patch sets. However, besides removing the links, I will leave the rest of the information intact so that users know that the patch set can be replaced. I will be replying to Beatnik and request some kind of arrangement with them (if possible) and will let everyone know on this page.

The MIDI playback on the P800 does not play the complete set of MIDI instruments. This could be due to the 101K patch (instrument) set provided by Beatnik to be used in the P800. To hear the complete MIDI instrument set when playing your MIDI files, replace the ROM set with a much bigger 482K patch set.

This can be done by simply downloading the updated patch set, send it over to your P800 and place it in folder \System\Data\Beatnik of either the C: drive (internal memory) or D: drive (memory stick duo). If the folder is not in that directory, simply create it. Should you want to compare the new patches with the ROM patches, simply rename the "Beatnik" folder to something else (I rename mine to "Beatnikz").

I would recommed you copy the patches into the C: as memory access to the memory stick (drive D:) is very slow. The other tradeoff you will encounter is that MIDI files which you select will not play immediately but may take as long as ten (10) seconds to start playing.

You can get the Beatnik patch sets below.

AudioJack's High Quality patch set (482K) Link removed
Nokia's x650 patch set (175K) Link removed

Addenum: Since I have more than one patch set to choose from, I have simply created the "Beatnik" folder in my drive C: and copied both patch sets into the folder (renamed them to 3650.hsb and hiqual.hsb). If I wanted to use the new patch sets, I simply renamed the patch I want to use as "npatches.hsb" and rename them back when I want to use the P800 built-in patch.

A forum member of called Developer has created a .SIS installer for both the high quality patch Link removed set and the Nokia patch Link removed set. If you have any questions regarding the .SIS installers themselves, please e-mail him directly.