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Installing Chinese Input into your P800

To install the Chinese input into your P800, you will need to download two components, they are the font file, and the input module. Install the contents of both font and input files into the system folder of drive D: and remember to maintain the directory structure found in the ZIP file. Once installed, restart the P800.

In your P800 Control Panel, under the "Text Input" section, you'll find that you now have the Chinese handwriting and Chinese multitap. Select them and your phone will be able to display and input in Chinese. The font file provided is able to display both Simplified and Traditional Chinese regardless of which input system you have installed.

You must be wondering why the instructions required you to install the Chinese input and fonts into your drive D: and not C:. This is because parts of the input system has been hard coded to run off drive D: which gives you the ability to uninstall the fonts and the input system.

If for some reason or other, you wish to uninstall the Chinese input (and/or the Chinese fonts). You can do so by removing your Memory Stick Duo and restarting the P800 which would then default to the standard English menu and input. You can then reinsert the Memory Stick and proceed to delete the files you copied earlier to get the input system working on your P800. Should you have installed the font or input system into drive C:, you will find that the OS does not allow you to delete the file as it is being used by the system.

If you are only interested in displaying Chinese in your P800, all you need to do is to install the fonts into d:\system\fonts and you are ready to display Chinese (Simplified and Traditional).

As a bonus, you can also install the chinese games "Five Stones" which should also be installed into drive D: and you will need to maintain the directory structure of the ZIP for it to work. You can get the game HERE.

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