Tips & Tricks

Ignoring somebody #2

If you look into the Accept calls options of your mobile, you will notice that Ericsson only allows the option to Accept:

There is no option for the owner to Ignore somebody specifically. However, the same effect can be accomplished by doing the following.

Create your own personalized melody in your My Melodies menu. The tune you want to play is simply a rest or "p" in the melody. To all of you who are not musically knowledgeable, that means just play the song that consists of no notes (ie. sound) but a pause (also called a rest).

Then, go to the personalized rings and place the offending person there and choose the quiet melody for that person. So, when that person calls, the phone will simply stay silent and not alert you. You will at best get a miss call on your phone.

You should also check your phone settings to ensure the vibrate option is not activated. The only other sacrifice is the fact that you lose one melody slot for your own personalized melody.