Tips & Tricks

Voice labels via Bluetooth headset

A lot of people complain that the Bluetooth headset does not seem to recognize their voice labels correctly. The main reason for this is because all voice labels are recorded directly on the phone and the Bluetooth headset seems to transmit the users voice at a rate that makes the voice label "unrecognizable" by the phone. The work around to this is to record all your voice labels with the headset and not directly to the phone. This can only be achieved by doing the following:

  1. Put your Bluetooth to "ON"
  2. Go to any of the "VoiceCommand" menus and initiate a voice record.
  3. When the mobile is waiting for you input, switch on your Bluetooth headset.
  4. The headset will beep a few times and connect to your phone.
  5. At the same time, the phone will respond "Is this correct?" Respond "No"
  6. Now the mobile is in Bluetooth mode. You can now record all your voice labels through your Bluetooth headset.

The Bluetooth headset will remain in an active state (connect mode) until you switch the Bluetooth off or if you make/receive a call using your headset. Leaving the Bluetooth in an active state will drain your battery.