Tips & Tricks

Displaying your name on the standby screen

If you wanted to display your name on the mobile screen for the purpose of quickly identifying your mobile, or because *Nokia* has that feature, you can now do this with the following trick.

Select a profile which your don't ordinarily use (othar than "Normal"), and you will notice that the profile's name appears on the standby screen. Simply change the profile's name to whatever you want to display on your screen (ie. name, handles, etc.). I usually use the "Outdoor" profile and renamed it with my name. ;)

Do note that this will only work on mobiles which have a big enough screen. To determine if this trick will work for your mobile (ie. having a "big enough" screen, simply change profiles, and if that profile's name appears on the screen, you can do this trick. Do also note that this trick will only work with the newer Ericssons that support the profiles feature and have a big LCD screen.