News Archive - May, 2005

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If you have been using SMan for a while and appreciate the time and effort put in into the developement of SMan, please contribute to SMan. "How?" you might ask, the answer is simple. Just click on the Handango logo below and "buy" SMan. You are allowed to buy more than one copy if you want and each copy costs USD 7.

Another cosmetic update to SMan v1.4 13-May-2005

I have updated the manual and the translation package (rev 003). The SMan program itself has not changed.

SMan v1.4 has been re-released 12-May-2005

The manual has been updated to explain some of the new features which I had missed in the earlier release. Since the only changes to the .sis file is cosmetic, the version number has not changed. Please re-download (remember to clear your cache) to see the updates.

Also, the translator's package has been updated to reflect the changes. The online manual is also available now.

SMan v1.4 is now available 11-May-2005

You can get v1.4 here.