News Archive - Jun, 2004

Sony Ericsson top Vodafone sales figures - 6:41pm 11-Jun-2004

The Vodafone live! mobile phone Sony Ericsson Z600 topped the list of bestselling models in Vodafone Sweden's stores in May. But this is hardly a surprise - it's been No. 1 every single month this year.

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Opera launches 250 percent go-faster for mobile phone browser - 11:23am 11-Jun-2004

The forgot to mention that it is more stable too!

Opera has launched a go-faster service for mobile phone browsing, claiming the system cuts bills and increases rendering speed on mobile devices by up to 250 per cent. The Opera Mobile Accelerator is a proxy-based system available for Sony-Ericsson P800/P900 and all Series 60 handsets, including Nokia, Siemens and Sendo X (it say here, so it must be due soon).

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Bluetooth group preps 2.1Mbps spec - 11:18am 11-Jun-2004

Bluetooth communications are set to get rather faster with a new version of the specification that takes its data throughput 2.1Mbps in the offing.

The new version, Bluetooth Enhanced Data Rate (EDR), is offered as a "prototype specification" by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG). The technology increases data transmission by compressing more data into each packet rather than by increasing the rate at which packets are sent. Today's devices support speeds of up to 712Kbps.

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Germany approves Nokia's Symbian plan - 11:16am 11-Jun-2004

The Germany competition regular, the Bundeskartellamt, has approved Nokia's acquisition of Psion's stake in Symbian, which would double its share to 63.3 per cent of the company. Germany is the third country to give its approval to the deal. When Symbian was formed regulatory approval was sought because the three founding shareholders, Nokia, Motorola and Ericsson dominated the handset market in roughly equal parts. Since then however Motorola has sold its stake and Ericsson spun off its handset division, which now has a very much smaller market share.

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Opera releases v6.31 for UIQ - 12:22pm 10-Jun-2004

You can now download Opera v6.31 from their FTP site. There is no documentation to indicate what is new.

You can download the installer via FTP here.

Nokia market share continues to shrink - 10:45am 10-Jun-2004

All of the top 5 vendors experienced an increase in sales in the first quarter of 2004. Nokia's sales increased by nearly 5 million units worldwide, but it suffered a decline in market share because of decreased sales in Western Europe and North America. "Nokia's dramatic drop in market share resulted from a weak product portfolio and the decision by operators in Western Europe to source more phones from Nokia's competitors," Wood said.

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Mobile phone radiation will not fry your brains - 10:40am 10-Jun-2004

Or any other body parts?

The findings came from a New Zealand Consumers' Institute (CINZ) analysis of research into the potential health effects of mobile phones.

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Sony Ericsson has been very quite lately - 11:56am 9-Jun-2004

Sony Ericsson has been very quiet lately, could this be the calm before the storm?

Nokia sings the mid market blues - 11:45am 9-Jun-2004

Gartner confirmed today that Air Nokia's sales have hit not just some minor turbulance, but a very deep air pocket. The company grabbed 38 per cent of the handset market last year, but this year has seen its share fall from 34.6 per cent in last year's first quarter to 28.4 per cent this Q1, according to Gartner. Although units shipped rose, share crashed 10 per cent in the EMEA region alone.

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DiGi launches hi-speed data package - 11:44am 9-Jun-2004

Under this package, DiGi customers will enjoy unlimited data usage at a flat rate of RM99 per month and will not be charged any registration fees. Customers also have the option of having the existing pay as you use model whereby they are charged RM0.10 per 10kB. This is applicable to both postpaid and prepaid customers.

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