News Archive - May, 2004

Symbian hands out certificates - 1:54am 19-May-2004

Mobile phone OS company Symbian has launched Symbian Signed, an application approval programme under which it will endorse applications and content that meet its best practise guidelines. More than 300 Symbian apps have been retrospectively given this seal of approval.

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You can also read it from Symbian's own site here.

Rumours of P900 successor - 4:49pm 11-May-2004

The guys at have published information for what may be the successor to the P900 from Sony Ericsson.

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Bluetooth on the Rise - 4:33pm 11-May-2004

Among the more exotic applications, Toyota offers Bluetooth as an option for the 2004 Prius. Bluetooth connects the driver's cell phone to the car, allowing the driver or passenger to make calls using the car's speakers and microphone, or upload addresses to the Prius' GPS.

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Complaint over Sony Ericsson advert - 4:21pm 11-May-2004

The complainant, who bought the advertised phone, objected that the advertisement exaggerated the quality of the picture that the phone could achieve.

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