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Symbian minorities to block Nokia sale - 4:07pm 24-Feb-2004

Nokia's bid to own 63 per cent of Symbian could be in doubt.

Earlier this month it was announced that Psion had sold its 31.7 per cent stake in Symbian to Nokia for up to 135.5m handing the Finnish company control of the company.

But unnamed sources have told Reuters that other shareholders, including Ericsson, could use their own rights to buy Symbian shares to block the move.

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SE and RIM announces Blackberry connectivity support for P900 - 12:30pm 24-Feb-2004

Sony Ericsson and RIM recently signed an agreement to enable Sony Ericsson's Symbian OS based phones to connect to BlackBerry Enterprise Server and BlackBerry Web Client services for enterprises and individual users. The BlackBerry services infrastructure and platform has been approved and deployed by operators around the world and thousands of companies and government organisations have already installed BlackBerry Enterprise Server behind their firewall.

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OPL for UIQ is now available - 12:24pm 24-Feb-2004

"With the UIQ release of OPL, not only do we open up the UIQ platform (by providing it with a powerful language with a shallow learning curve), but the OPL project can begin to show the 'write once run everywhere' nature of OPL over the entire Symbian OS range of devices." Ewan Spence, OPL documentation maintainer and OPL application developer, said.

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UIQ unveils UIQ v3.0 - 12:21pm 24-Feb-2004

With both the P800 and P900 smartphones enjoying great market success, we are excited about the announcement of the further expanded capabilities of UIQ 3.0, enabling development of both one-handed and pen-based smartphones, which will enable Sony Ericsson to take advantage of the growing market demand for Symbian OS phones," said Per Aspemar, Vice President and Deputy Head of Product Development. We are delighted about the unique opportunities that UIQ 3.0 provides mobile phone manufacturers, application developers and operators.

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Symbian announces Symbian OS v8.0 - 12:18pm 24-Feb-2004

Accelerates development of lower cost Symbian OS phones; enhances device management, multimedia and Java capabilities

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Opera releases v6.30 browser for P800/P900 smartphones - 12:15pm 24-Feb-2004

New features include improved Small-Screen Rendering (SSR), scalable fonts, smooth zooming, and an added Internet search. SSR is the reformatting technology that makes the Web user-friendly on small mobile screens by eliminating the need for horizontal scrolling. The improvements to SSR with version 6.30 are specific to rendering frames and numerical tables.

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SE advises users to turn off Bluetooth - 2:39pm 16-Feb-2004

Sony Ericsson has joined Nokia in admitting that its Bluetooth phones could be vulnerable to a 'snarfing' attack, meaning that a hacker can access data even if the phone is not paired with another Bluetooth device

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Bluesnarfing: new risk to Bluetooth phones - 2:37pm 16-Feb-2004

A serious Bluetooth vulnerability allows phone's data to be stolen, reports ZDNet UK. Most of you have heard of bluejacking, when users can send messages to Bluetooth-enabled handsets without authorization. The new Bluetooth security hole is called bluesnarfing and it allows stealing such data as contact book or organizer entries from Bluetooth-enabled phones.

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Report: 3G showing to regain promise - 2:25pm 16-Feb-2004

As WCDMA networks grow, WCDMA's role becomes defined, according to a new Visant Strategies Report. Although off to a slower start than originally expected WCDMA is showing regained promise, according to a new study from Visant Strategies. Although current WCDMA deployments have no more than small parts of nations covered, albeit some very atypical rollouts exist, the need for voice capacity and a data niche offering will allow WCDMA to do well.

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Nokia buys Psion's stake in Symbian - 6:19pm 10-Feb-2004

The value of the transaction will derive from two parts. A fixed portion of US$172.4 million, and a variable payment of US$1.55 from Nokia to Psion for each Symbian OS device sold during 2004 and 2005.

Upon completion of the transaction, Nokia estimates that its share in Symbian will increase from the current 32.2% up to approximately 63. 3%.

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