News Archive - Jan, 2004

Updated the developers page - 9:15pm 27-Jan-2004

Updated the developers page to show you how you can request for a copy of Metrowerks Code Warrior Personal Edition for Symbian OS and how to get a 30-day evaluation key from them.

Sony Develops System-on-Glass LCD for Mobile Phones - 10:45am 26-Jan-2004

Is this the type of LCD that will come out in future Sony Ericcson mobile phones?

January 22, 2004 (TOKYO) -- Sony Corp announced on January 21 that it has developed a low-temperature p-Si TFT-LCD integrating on its glass substrate peripheral circuitry based on system-on-glass (SOG) technology.

This is the first time that the company applied the SOG LCD for use in mobile phones. Sony began producing 3.8-in. low-temperature p-Si TFT-LCDs in October 2002.

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Sony Ericsson reports profit and growth for Q4 2003 - 3:43pm 19-Jan-2004

Tokyo and Stockholm, January 19 -- Sony and Ericsson today announced the consolidated financial summary for the fourth quarter, ended December 31, 2003 of Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB (Sony Ericsson), the 50:50 joint venture of Sony and Ericsson. The company reported continued growth in sales and shipments in the fourth quarter. During the quarter the company started shipping a variety of new products to further enhance and diversify its product portfolio in the GSM and Japanese markets.

Read the complete press release here.

Updated the SMan pages 3:10pm 19-Jan-2004

Now has detailed instructions on how to remove SMan from your Px00 if you get an error message trying to uninstall SMan the conventional way.

Sony Ericsson to announce quarterly results ending Dec-2003 - 7:48pm 14-Jan-2004

The results of Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications for the quarter ending December 31, 2003 will be published on Monday January 19, at 8:30 AM CET. The results will be available on Ericsson's, Sony's and Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications' web sites.

3G mobile transmitters emit low levels of radiated power - 7:45pm 14-Jan-2004

Looks like the radiation emmission from a 3G base station doesn't kill after all.

"For example, on average, a 3G mobile phone base station antenna radiates a little more than one tenth of the power of a taxi's two-way radio"

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Sony Ericsson and T-Mobile to launch black color T630 - 7:43pm 14-Jan-2004

Sony Ericsson and T-Mobile today announce an exclusive partnership that will see the launch of the T630 camera phone starting in early February. A fashionable black version of the stylish phone will be sold for a limited period exclusively through T-Mobile in its European markets (Germany, United Kingdom, Austria, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Hungary, Croatia, Slovakia, and Poland).

Read the press release here.

DiGi to offer Point service - 7:41pm 14-Jan-2004

MOBILE network, DiGi, will unveil an exclusive service to its customers that allows them to identify a song title and artist using their mobile phones, called Point.

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Sony Ericsson users to have full web access - 11:55am 14-Jan-2004

Waterloo, ON, Canada -- January 13, 2004 -- Reqwireless Inc. announced today that it has signed a software distribution agreement with Sony Ericsson, a maker of mobile communications products for people who appreciate the possibilities of powerful technology. Under this distribution agreement, Sony Ericsson has licensed all the Reqwireless mobile applications (WebViewer, EmailViewer and HotViewer) for worldwide distribution through Sony Ericsson and its authorised suppliers, network operators and retail channel.

Read the complete press release here.

SMan was given an award - 11:35am 12-Jan-2004

SMan v1.2 was reviewed by and had given SMan the "Mega App" award which is a rarely given award and SMan seems to be only the fourth such receipient (second for the P800 platform).

Futuremark is doing a benchmark for Symbian devices - 10:29am 12-Jan-2004

The guys who gave you 3DMark 200x for your PC are now going into the mobile platform arena and have chosen Symbian to be their target platform. With this, it looks like all future Symbian devices will be benchmarked againts their program and the OpenGL ES 3D API.

Futuremark Corporation has completed the initial specification and has now started the implementation of the new mobile platform benchmark. It will measure the performance and power efficiency of Symbian based smartphones and will include OpenGL ES API 3D game scenes, image processing as well as native Symbian applications such as address book and calendar. Symbian is a software licensing company owned by Ericsson, Nokia, Panasonic, Psion, Samsung Electronics, Siemens and Sony Ericsson. The company supplies the Symbian OS open standards operating system for data-enabled mobile phones. Publicly announced products based on Symbian OS include the BenQ P30, Motorola A920, Sendo X, Siemens SX-1, Fujitsu F2102V and F2051, Sony Ericsson P800 and P900, Nokia 9210 Communicators and 9290 Communicator as well as the Nokia 7650, 6600, 3650, 3600 and N-Gage.

Read the complete press release here.

Cell phones with 4GB memories? - 10:07am 12-Jan-2004

Considering how closely Sony works with Toshiba (PS2, PSP, PS3 and other areas), it would not come as a suprise that Sony Ericsson phones would be the first to use such a device.

With the new drive, only a quarter the size of a 1.8-inch drive, Toshiba achieves a smaller, lighter, high capacity storage medium in which low power consumption is complemented by high performance. The drive will have an initial capacity of 2 to 4 GB, and deliver enhanced data storage to smaller, lighter more efficient products. Toshiba expects the new drive to bring the functionality and versatility of HDD to a wide range of devices, including mobile phones, digital camcorders and external storage devices, and to follow the company's 1.8-inch HDD in inspiring manufacturers to develop new applications.

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Updated the firmware page - 11:06am 9-Jan-2004

Updated the firmware page for P900, T610, and Z600. Added information for T630, T230 as well as Vodafone Live! firmware revision on some models.

EDGE rollout software for Malaysian operator - 7:20pm 7-Jan-2004

I am sure the operator is DiGi, unless another operator in Malaysia is also implementing EDGE and hasn't announced it yet.

CellTracker says that its Solutions Modules have been implemented in a major Malaysian operator to manage its deployment of an EDGE network.

Read the complete story here.

Updates the "Tips & Tricks" section - 6:50pm 5-Jan-2004

Updated the "Tips & Tricks" section with information on how to customize the game sounds in the T68i.

The guys at GSMBOX does the T630 - 12:38pm 5-Jan-2003

As its own name says, the T630 is the direct heir of the better known T610, from which it takes its main characteristics. In fact, as we have already said, we are dealing with a camera phone, with an integrated digital camera, as well as a fun mirror button under the lens, for controlling the shot and making self-portraits easier. The Sony Ericsson T630 is a terminal that wants to revolutionise the world of image phones. Therefore, the T630 splits itself in two, even physically separating its two main functions: telephone and camera. It also adds to this a 65,536 colour screen and multimedia messages such as MMS messaging, which you can use to share your own transferable images through Bluetooth or a data cable connected to a PC.

Read the complete story here.

Sony Ericsson takes another pop @ N-Gage - 12:31pm 5-Jan-2004

Taking a pop at the N-Gage, Cameron Stewart, senior manager for global product marketing with Sony Ericsson said, "Just as the success with games played via Bluetooth and infrared, there are great opportunities for consumers to play games also over the mobile networks."

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Nokia falling behind in 3G race? - 12:26pm 5-Jan-2004

Finally, Damian Reece in The Independent has published the rumour that when Vodafone finally rolls out its 3G network in the UK, in terms of handsets on offer "Nokia may be relatively disappointed."

Read the complete story here.

Happy New Year 2004! - 12:23pm 5-Jan-2004

Happy New Year to all SE users. Hope to see SE gain more market share this year now that SE seems to be making a profit.