News Archive - Dec, 2003

Site has been rather quiet for the past two weeks - 4:20pm 30-Dec-2003

Sorry for the no updates on my site but I was on holiday and what an interesting holiday it was. :)

I was invited to the Christmas gathering by the SE Central committee URL in Singapore and this event took place on 21-Dec-2003.

T630 and P800

The first thing I got to see there was the T630 which should be launched in Singapore in mid-Jan-2004.


Food! Food! Food!

People eating, there was about fourty people who attended.


SE Central Organizers

The people who run the site and organized the gathering and an SE representative.


A few games were played, that was real fun! I was also one of the lucky ones who won a T68i in the lucky draw. The definitely made the trip down to Singapore worth it... Thanks SE!

The guys from the "Malaysia" thread of ESATO.COM

On 27-Dec-2003, the guys from the "Malaysia" thread of ESATO.COM met up. I gave them the SE calender given to me by Jess and Thom from SE central.

Note: You can right-click and save the pictures in your computer to see a higher resolution pic as the pictures have been scaled-down by the browser.

SonyEricsson follows Palm in RIM deal - 3:40pm 30-Dec-2003

Following PalmSource's update last week to deliver a RIM-based email for PalmOS devices by the second half of next year, handset vendor Sony Ericsson has signed up for RIM's 'Blackberry Connect' licensing program.

Read the complete story here.

Ericsson offering proprietary video solution - 3:39pm 30-Dec-2003

Ericsson Mobile Platforms has signed a license agreement with RealNetworks, where by Ericsson will integrate the media engine of the RealOne Player, the Helix DNA Client, and the RealAudio and RealVideo codecs into its platforms offerings.

Read the complete story here.

Camera phones a threat to industrial secrets - 3:37pm 30-Dec-2003

While the quality of most cameras in current phones is poor, it nonetheless represents a potential channel for leaks of sensitive data or other images that can produce unintended consequences. META Group recommends setting up a clear policy of no camera-enabled phones.

Read the complete story here.

PJava fix for P900 - 2:59pm 12-Dec-2003

Sony Ericsson has released an update that corrects a cosmethic defect in the R1* and R2* organizer versions concerning PersonalJava where the background color of transparent GIF images is shown in an incorrect way. The fix can be downloaded from here.

Removed the software page - 6:00pm 11-Dec-2003

Removed the software page as there are now quite a bit of software for the Sony Ericsson platform plus the fact that page was outdated and not up to date. May revive the page in the future.

Sony Ericsson hold 2nd Place is smartphone market - 7:45pm 10-Dec-2003

Well, in the EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa) markets anyway.

Sony Ericsson came in second place with 25.7 per cent of the EMEA market. Samsung was third (11.1 per cent), followed by Sharp (8.5 per cent). All the rest took a combined 15.3 per cent of the market.

Read the complete story here.

Report: Videophone ready to take off - 7:43pm 10-Dec-2003

The report argues that although the initiative is currently with 3G operators, there is a major window of opportunity ahead for fixed broadband operators. "The range of possible applications using fixed broadband networks extends much further than what is possible on 3G, where limited bandwidth will limit the market to mostly fun applications," says Chris Moller. Despite the limitations of mobile videotelephony, Analysys forecasts consumer spend of over US$1.8 billion by 2007.

Read the complete story here.

Sony Ericsson is now back to 4th place in global market share - 4:26pm 6-Dec-2003

Sony Ericsson took 6.6 per cent of the market, up from four per cent.

Read the complete story here.

Updates the site 3-Dec-2003

Updated the Droll Software (aka SMan) pages and have added a bluejacking page on my site for your reading pleasure. This is because so many people have been hearing and reading about bluejacking which will be exactly one year old on the 12-Dec-2003.

This site was the first site to mention about bluejacking after I posted what I did in the esato forums (for links, look in the bluejacking pages). However, I put Sony Ericsson news before Bluejacking so this site is not solely dedicated to bluejacking. I will however put links to sites that do have bluejacking stuff and post all news about this phenomena.