News Archive - May, 2003

Updated the SMan v1.1 page - 12:42pm 29-May-2003

Updated the SMan pages with new features and screenshots.

Sony Ericsson released Camera and Vibration API for P800 - 11:42am 28-May-2003

Sony Ericsson has now finally released certain attractive and important Application Programming Interfaces (API's) for the P800 - the Camera and Vibrator API's.

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MOPHUN is ported to the UIQ platform - 11:00am 28-May-2003

The guys in Synergenix have released a press release informing that they have ported the MOPHUN platform to the Symbian OS.

You can read the complete press release (.PDF file) here.

Using higher quality instrument sets for MIDI playback on the P800 - 10:47am 27-May-2003

Updated the Tips & Tricks section with a trick to replace the build-in Beatnik patch set with a clearer, louder and more complete patch set. It also shows you how to switch between the two patch sets and the tradeoffs of using the bigger patch set.

Technical notes of R2D (phone revision) on P800 - 10:23am 27-May-2003

The guys at SE Central has managed to get some info from SE on what the P800's R2D phone firmware has improved from previous versions.

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Sneak peek at SMan v1.1 - 10:59am 23-May-2003

There is a sneak peek of what SMan v1.1 updates are. Just click on Droll Software in the menus.

Sony Ericsson roadshow at Mid-Valley - 2:23pm 22-May-2003

I just got word from Sony Ericsson that they wll have a roadshow at Mid-Valley Mega Mall from 28-May-2003 till 1-Jun-2003. It will premiere the T610 and all are invited to come. I will most probably be hanging around there on 31-May-2003 and 1-Jun-2003. E-mail me if you want to meet up.

PCSuite v1.5.1 for P800 is now available - 10:30am 21-May-2003

The new PCSuite v1.5.1 for the P800 is now available, it also comes with a new set of language files for non-English users. To download this software, you will need to go to Sony Ericsson's support website at URL

Handset configuration still confusing users - 10:25am 21-May-2003

Many mobile users are still perplexed by complicated handset configuration and service access. That's the message from SmartTrust, who suggests the slower than expected uptake of data services, as reported by many of the industry's analysts, is a result of poor user experiences. Many operators see data services as a key driver towards increased ARPU, with many now offering a portfolio of non-voice services.

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Survey: People prefer smartphone for e-mail - 10:23am 21-May-2003

The survey revealed that 31% of interviewees preferred to receive e-mail via their mobile phones with 30% preferring to use laptops. (Only 4% preferred to use a PDA with the remainder unsure). It also showed high interest in other services with 46% of consumers wishing to use their phone for location-based services (such as identifying and calling a local taxi firm), slightly ahead of e-mail (44%), photo messaging (32% and calendaring/scheduling (30%). The survey was conducted on Intuwave's behalf by research specialists Taylor Nelson Sofres who interviewed 501 adults in March, 2003.

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Maxis details merger plans with TIMECel - 10:20am 21-May-2003

The benefits will be realised in two stages. Maxis subscribers will start to experience the benefits when a dual-band network is implemented by the third quarter, followed by TIMECel's subscribers at the end of October. In stage two, the full experience of these benefits would be realised for both sets of customers with the completion of the integrated dual-band network by the third quarter of 2004.

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Details on wireless phone support in iSync 1.1 - 2:47pm 20-May-2003

Good news for P800 owners using a Mac.

The update will reportedly support three Symbian phones over Bluetooth -- the Sony Ericsson P800, Nokia 7650, and Nokia 3650 -- using, as one source said, some sort of PPP bridging for synchronization. Via OBEX, iSync 1.1 will add Bluetooth support for the Sony Ericsson T610/608 and the Siemens S55 phones.

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Updated the links page - 5:30pm 19-May-2003

Updated the links page.

Sony Ericsson unveils HBH-35 headset - 11:46am 19-May-2003

Just in time for the five-year anniversary of Bluetooth, Sony Ericsson is now launching a new Bluetooth headset, the HBH-35. Sporting longer talk and stand-by time than previous models, Sony Ericsson also claims the new headset has better sound quality and offers increased functionality with phones from other brands.

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Bluetooth wireless for your car from Sony Ericsson - 11:42am 19-May-2003

Sony Ericsson has come to the rescue. The HCB-30 Bluetooth handsfree is the perfect handsfree device for the lazy bum like me. The best thing about it is that the phone stays in my pocket most of the time.

Like the headset style bluetooth handsfree - this kit allows you to answer, talk, and voice dial handsfree. But like car mounted handsfree - it does not need to be charged, taken out of your pocket, or 'found' when you hear the phone ring. Unlike other car handsfree - you don't have to clip your phone into it and have some big bracket in the car.

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Sprint to carry T608 with Bluetooth! - 11:38am 19-May-2003

Sony Ericsson is proud to announce a partnership with Sprint to bring the Sony Ericsson T608 to market, the first CDMA phone in the U.S. with integrated Bluetooth wireless technology. The T608 is the first Sony Ericsson product carried by Sprint. And it is Sprint's first mobile phone featuring Bluetooth technology. With Bluetooth technology embedded in the phone, the T608 communicates with other Bluetooth-enabled products by means of a radio link, eliminating the need for a physical connection or physical contact. Consumers can use the T608 with Bluetooth- compatible headsets for convenient wireless use, and in handsfree technology being deployed by the automobile industry and other after-market providers. The T608 also features a large, 65,536- color screen; Java for downloading ring tones, games, images and more; polyphonic ring tones and speakerphone capabilities.

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Sony challenges N-Gage - 11:34am 19-May-2003

Sony announces its entrance into the world of portable videogame consoles. After having triumphed in the battle of the consoles against Microsoft's Xbox, the largest consumer technology company in the world launches its challenge to the market belonging to Game Boy. And to N-Gage.

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Cellphones do not cause petrol station fires - 6:21pm 16-May-2003

Is it true that if you use a cell phone while filling up a car at a gas station, it could trigger a fire or explosion? Researchers at the Center for the Study of Wireless Electromagnetic Compatibility at the University of Oklahoma say there is virtually no evidence to suggest that cell phones pose a hazard at gas stations.

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SAR test improved - 6:19pm 16-May-2003

New features of the system allow angular measurements to be made for the first time, providing absorption data around the face area and side of head. Increasing the number of measurements will enhance accuracy. A further benefit will be faster turnaround through automatic report generation, manipulation of graphs and data could be cumbersome in the earlier software.

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The T610 is finally out - 11:21am 16-May-2003

The T610 is finally out in stores, slated for end of May release, the phones can be found in certain stores at least in Sweden and Singapore. Do look out for the T610 and let me know if you find it in your country as well...

Updated firmware list - 11:19am 16-May-2003

Updated the firmware list, new phone added is the T610 plus updates for P800, T600, and T100.

Research confirms cellphones are a threat to aircraft - 7:39pm 5-May-2003

Continuing research by the UK's Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has proved that mobile telephone transmissions made by airline passengers can interfere with aircraft equipment. The tests support the existing CAA ban on the use of mobile telephones on board aircraft when the engines have started. This has been in effect since the widespread introduction of mobile telephones and was supported by initial research performed in February 2000.

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