News Archive - Mar, 2003

Camera and Vibrate API for P800 - 9:08am 31-Mar-2003

Bernhard C. Schrenk has written his own Camera and Vibrate API for developers of the P800 who would like to use these features in their applications. There APIs were not provided nor documented in the UIQ SDK provided by Sony Ericsson. You can download these APIs from the website of go directly to the API download page here.

Sony Ericsson releases new PC Suite for P800 v1.3.1 - 9:01am 31-Mar-2003

Sony Ericsson has just released a new version of their PC Suite to version v1.3.1. The software is more stable and the MPM seems to detect the phone quickly the first time around. The software also contains support for other languages. You can go to the Sony Ericsson support site by type and selecting the synchronization software link or you can download it directly with the URL link here.

Lower energy power management for cell phones - 4:42pm 27-Mar-2003

You might be wondering why this news is posted here. As you may know, the older Ericsson phones used an AVR processor and the newer phone (SE included) uses an AVR and ARM processor. The AVR processor is made and designed by Atmel who also has some Ericsson history and background. It's just logical to conclude that this chip would be considered in future SE designs. Maybe...

Atmel Corp. has announced the release of its AT73C202 Power and Battery Management standard product for cellular phones and wireless platforms. Manufactured on Atmel's low-cost mainstream CMOS process, the AT73C202 includes all functions needed for a GSM phone to operate with the best power efficiency from a Lithium Polymer or Lithium-Ion battery, preserving its lifetime and autonomy.

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Updated the firmware list - 9:00am 26-Mar-2003

Updated the firmware list and added the new models recently made available to market.

OggVorbis Player on your P800 - 8:39am 25-Mar-2003

Philipp Schmid is currently developing an .OGG player for the P800. It is suppose to work in both open and closed flip mode. Though the program is not 100% ready yet, you can download a beta copy on his website.

You can visit him here.

Symbian OS phones to receive BlackBerry connectivity - 11:29am 19-Mar-2003

Symbian and Research In Motion (RIM) have announced plans to provide a BlackBerry connectivity solution to carriers and Symbian OS licensees to enable wireless email and corporate data services on Symbian enabled cell phones. RIM has also joined Symbian's Platinum Partner Program and the companies have initiated technical and business development efforts.

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Ericsson demos CDMA/GSM walkie-talkie service - 11:27am 19-Mar-2003

Ericsson has demonstrated cross-technology push-to-talk over CDMA2000 and GSM/GPRS at the CTIA telecom event in New Orleans. The new Ericsson Instant Talk solution is built on Ericsson's IP Multimedia (IPMM) platform, and will enable network operators to deploy "walkie-talkie" style communications. Ericsson Instant Talk is based on the IP Multimedia System (IMS) core network open interfaces and is developed to work across GSM/GPRS, EDGE, CDMA2000, WCDMA and WLAN networks.

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Ericsson settles patent dispute - 11:25am 19-Mar-2003

Ericsson and InterDigital have settled their long-standing patent infringement litigation. The dispute was due to go to trial in May, and it had been estimated that it could have cost Ericsson billions of dollars in fines and royalty payments if Ericsson had lost. InterDigital was claiming back payments of royalties on handsets sold by Ericsson since the early 1990s. Additionally, all claims asserted in the patent infringement litigation are dismissed.

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GSMBOX does the T610 - 9:13am 12-Mar-2003

The ease of use of this telephone is reflected in the iconic graphic interface, which allows you to use the rich functions of this terminal with a few simple clicks. The Sony Ericsson T610 also supports the Java standard for downloading and personalising games and applications on your terminal, through the Synergenix Mophun platform. The T610 also includes a joystick, for making the game experience more involving and immediate. There is a speaker that can reproduce polyphonic ring tones with 32 tones, as well as the "vibrating force feedback" function, which vibrates in reaction to the events on the screen. There is also the Music DJ Melody Composer which allows you to compose songs in MIDI format, or modify existing melody bases, in order to use as polyphonic ring tones.

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Mobile phone that float on water? - 9:11am 12-Mar-2003

Ericsson has been granted a patent for a cell phone that will float in water. The specifics is that Ericsson has designed a plug-on pack that would attach to the back of a mobile phone and give it sufficient buoyancy that it will then float in water. The idea is presumably aimed at moisture proof handsets that would be used on boats, should they fall overboard.

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Software compresses e-mails on SonyEricsson P800 - 3:55pm 6-Mar-2003

Imhotek, a privately owned company specialising in providing messaging and knowledge management consultancy services and products, has announced the release of its Imhotek X-ccelerator Program (IXP) for the new P800 mobile phone from Sony Ericsson. IXP enables users of POP/IMAP and SMTP mail services to significantly reduce the size of data sent and received over GPRS and GSM.

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Sony Ericsson to support SIM toolkit solution - 3:53pm 6-Mar-2003

Sony Ericsson and Telemac Corp. have entered into a licensing agreement under which Sony Ericsson will extend the performance of the SIM Application Toolkit in selected handsets to interoperate with a Telemac-enabled SIM. Sony Ericsson wireless devices incorporating Telemac-enabled SIMs will support Telemac CostControl technology, Telemac's patented network-edge real-time billing and accounting solution.

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Mobile-review does the T610 - 3:36pm 6-Mar-2003

For reasons, which were beyond our control, we publish this article only today, not in the end of January, when we mostly prepared it. We have one month to estimate innovations of the company and compare them with rival products, which are not officially announced. To say the truth, first conclusions were not considerably changed. T610 is a phone of the new generation and other players will try to reach namely this model. Today's world's presentation gives us permission to public review of this phone. We kept our promises and haven't done it before, though many our visitors ask us to publish it earlier. We thank everybody for patience. It was just an introduction. now, please, read our review.

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SE announces the T610 for GSM markets - 10:38am 5-Mar-2003

Today, at thirty events around the world, Sony Ericsson took mobile imaging to the next level by unveiling the T610 - a 65K colour screen mobile phone with inbuilt digital camera. The T610 is the first Sony Ericsson product with QuickShare(TM); meaning that the products offer the easiest, fastest and smartest way to share images with friends, family or colleagues. The T610 utilises unique textured materials and a sophisticated finish in its design, making it visually powerful and stylish to look at. The T610 will start shipping in Q2 in Europe, Asia and North America.

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SE announces the T310 for GSM markets - 10:31am 5-Mar-2003

Today, at 30 events across the world, Sony Ericsson unveiled the T310 - a colour screen mobile phone with a very strong gaming and imaging offering, which will begin shipping during this week in selected markets. Pre-loaded in the phone comes one of the best-selling video game console titles, Activision's Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4(R), which is making its European, Latin American and Asian mobile debut on the Sony Ericsson T310 mobile phone.

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SE announces the HBM-30 - 10:29am 5-Mar-2003

Sony Ericsson today unveiled the HBM-30; a music handsfree for music enthusiasts who never want to miss a call. Doubling as a high quality digital audio player and wireless handsfree to any Bluetooth-enabled phone, the HBM-30 is the latest addition to Sony Ericsson's leading portfolio of mobile phone accessories.

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SE to open online application shop with Handango for the P800 - 10:27am 5-Mar-2003

Sony Ericsson today announced the availability of an on-line application shop providing useful and fun applications for the P800 smartphone. Starting today, P800 users will be able to buy business and leisure applications which give extra functionality to their P800, such as online dictionaries, mileage managers, games and travel guides. The Sony Ericsson on-line application shop is built with technology and services from Handango, the leading publisher and platform for mobile software.

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SE announces the GC79 GPRS/Wireless - 10:21am 5-Mar-2003

Sony Ericsson today unveiled the GC79, a new GPRS/Wireless LAN PC-Card for mobile professionals. By combining the best of two worlds, offering global wireless access and fast local connection, the GC79 provides easy and fast access to e-mails, SMS and fax as well as access to Internet, intranet and company networks. The GC79 will be available in Q2 2003 in EMEA and North America, to be followed by other markets later this year.

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SE announces the T606 for CDMA markets - 10:20am 5-Mar-2003

Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications today announced the T606 mobile phone, a dual-band CDMA mobile phone for the North American market that showcases the latest innovations in entertainment and personalization. The introduction of the T606 demonstrates Sony Ericsson's commitment to offering CDMA phones with the latest in design and features for consumers.

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SE announces the T608 for CDMA markets - 10:19am 5-Mar-2003

Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications today unveiled the T608, the first CDMA phone with integrated Bluetooth(TM) wireless technology available in the United States. This latest introduction also offers a look at the new Sony Ericsson industrial design that the company is using for its new mobile phones.

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SE announces the A1301s for the Japanese market - 10:15am 5-Mar-2003

Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications today announced the shipment of the A1301S to KDDI and Okinawa Cellular Telephone Company. This is the Industry's first mobile phone with 290 degree rotating "MOTION EYE" integrated camera with photo light. The A1301S is the first Sony Ericsson phone with integrated 310K-pixel camera enabling still or moving image capture and editing functionality. The dual changeable front and back panels offer users the ultimate in personalization and a total visual entertainment experience.

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