News Archive - Nov, 2002

4G services roll out 'this time next year' - 5:57pm 29-Nov-2002

4G is close on the heels of 3G, with "forward-thinking wireless operators who are now working ... to leapfrog expensive and ineffective third generation wireless strategies."

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Mobile Burn does the Bluespoon - 10:49am 29-Nov-2002

The guys at Mobile Burn have done a Bluetooth headset weighing only slightly less than 10g.

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iMobile does the T300 good - 10:30am 29-Nov-2002

The guys at iMobile has done a phone review of the T300. Very detailed and worth the read.

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Updated the links page - 10:28am 29-Nov-2002

Updated the Links page.

Report: Entertainment to drive MMS - 7:16pm 28-Nov-2002

The lion's share of revenues from MMS will come from entertainment-based services rather than peer-to-peer messaging, according to Juniper Research.

The UK firm has concluded from interviewing 40 industry leaders that MMS has the potential to generate revenues in excess of $8.3bn by 2004. Approximately $5.6 billion of that will be generated through content delivery and provisioning, rather than pure peer-to-peer messaging, at $2.7bn.

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An Analysis: Sony Ericsson's position in the market - 11:51am 28-Nov-2002

The guys at Mobile Review have done a detailed analysis of Sony Ericsson and how they have blundered in the market. I tend to agree their analysis but am also very sure that they will get their act together and make 2003 a year of comeback.

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3G Mobile does the T100 - 5:45pm 27-Nov-2002

The guys at 3G Mobile have had a look at the T100 and put together a few pictures. I believe S/// has a winner here.

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Updated the Linux page - 11:15am 27-Nov-2002

I have updated the Linux page. Have information about an e-mail (with PIM functionality, and connectors to Exchange 2000, Notes, etc.) and a cool PIM synchronizer program with the best part being that it has been tested with a T39 and T68 via Bluetooth, IrDA and cable.

Background pictures I copied from the T100 - 3:39pm 26-Nov-2002

I likes the background picture used in the T100 promotions so much that I downloaded the press pictures from the S/// site and zoomed the pictures 800% and manually copied the picture pixel by pixel to fit into my R520. I then did a scale down for the T39 and colorized it for the T68. I have called these artwork of mine "Tank Boy" So here they are in full galore. You can either save it from here or take the pictures from me via WAP. Enjoy!

3G games for Women! - 8:26pm 25-Nov-2002

With this in mind Forrester has tried to do the mobile operators' jobs for them, identifying a couple of markets which, it argues, the mobile vendors should focus on. The first one that Forrester identifies is the female market, accounting for 14 per cent of mobile phone users which, in some strange piece of analysis, Forrester says should be targeted with attractive handsets and then flood the systems with games.

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Ericsson Suspects Detention Extended - 12:42pm 25-Nov-2002

STOCKHOLM, Sweden (AP) - Two men suspected of industrial espionage involving wireless equipment maker LM Ericsson were ordered Friday to remain in jail for another two weeks while a prosecutor prepares formal charges.

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Updated the Developers page - 3:12pm 22-Nov-2002

Updated the Developers page. In the Ericsson Mobility World section, there is a URL link that shows all documents available to developers for download.

GSMBOX tests the T200 - 4:58pm 20-Nov-2002

I disagree with GSMBOX that the T200 is closely related to the R600, it is more like the T65 if you ask me. Anyway, here goes...

The direct heir of the little known "recent" Ericsson R600, it repeats the size, weight and main characteristics. Substantially, it is still an Ericsson in the graphics (software, user interface and functions), but in the design you feel a strong influence of the Sony style.

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More P800 info - 9:25am 19-Nov-2002

There is a site called NYCOM which has a lot of pictures and a few mpegs on the P800. Visit the P800 page directly here.

Updated the firmware revision page - 8:56am 19-Nov-2002

Updated the firmware revision page, thanks to Tony Cheung for the info.

WCDMA revenue quadruple in Q3 - 6:18pm 18-Nov-2002

According to Dell'Oro Group, revenues of WCDMA or UMTS infrastructure equipment surged over four-fold to nearly US$800 million in 3Q02. 3Q02 marked the first quarter when material revenues were recognized from the WCDMA deployments that have been occurring in Europe for the past couple years.

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3G Mobile tests the T300 and MCA-25 - 9:17am 18-Nov-2002

The guys at 3G Mobile have had a look at the T300 and put it through their test drills. Quite an interesting read.

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Esato has article of possible T68i with Java - 9:01am 18-Nov-2002

One of our Swedish forum members (FM) had a visit by Sony Ericsson (SE) to his university (Lund Sweden). Sony Ericsson hold a showcase for their new phone models. The FM was able to take look at the phone and fiddle with the menus. What he discovered was that there was a new menu item in the Fun&Games menu called Java Manager. There was also a debug menu in the demonstration model.

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Updated the firmware revision page - 10:11am 15-Nov-2002

Updated the firmware revision page.

Updated the links page - 9:53am 15-Nov-2002

Updated the Links page.

P800 presentation demo - 5:05pm 14-Nov-2002

Saw this on the US site page which incidentally has a lot of interesting information not found elsewhere. Anyway, if you would like to be sold to the P800 ideas and concepts, download their flash demo here (player included, filesize is 7.31MB).

Updated the firmware pages - 5:03pm 14-Nov-2002

Found some firmware info on the net and updated my page.

Symbian joing the Mobile Gaming Interoperability Forum (MGIF) - 8:59am 14-Nov-2002

I hope this gets reflected in the P800.

Symbian says that it will broaden and strengthen the technical base of the Forum, and lend additional support to industry adoption of the MGIF v1.0 specifications, released in October 2002 and bring important industry input into future MGIF technical work.

Read the complete story here.

GSMBOX tests the T600 - 9:02am 14-Nov-2002

Here is the direct heir of the Ericsson T66, from which it takes its extremely small dimensions, record weight and main functions, with slight improvements in software and hardware, and a renewed layout.

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DigiTimes interviews Sony Ericsson marketing VP Alex Rodriques - 2:51pm 13-Nov-2002

Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications, a joint venture between Sony of Japan and Ericsson of Sweden, currently stands as the world's fifth-largest mobile phone vendor with a 5.4% market share. Alex Rodriques, the company's vice president of marketing, chatted with DigiTimes on the company's mobile phone development plans and market assessment for 2003.

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Fireware revision list updated - 7:17pm 8-Nov-2002

Updated the firmware revision list. Thanks to Johan for the update. During my e-mail correspondence with him, I found out that the newer T29 firmware (the 4MB version) has the game GAME removed from it. Just something to let you guys know should you decide to get your T29 upgraded.

Gang of Four set WCDMA royalty cap - 11:53am 7-Nov-2002

It's taken months around the negotiating table, but today four leading mobile phone firms agreed to reduce royalties for W-CDMA patents, ensuring that payments comprise no more than five per cent of equipment costs.

Read the complete story here.
You can also read Ericsson's press release here.

Three held in Ericsson spy riddle - 11:50am 7-Nov-2002

Police in Sweden has detained three people on suspicion of spying against mobile phone giant Ericsson.

The three individuals - described as either employees or former employees - are suspected to have handed over top secret information to a foreign power.

Read the complete story here.
You can also read Ericsson's press release here.

X68 Camera in Malaysia - 11:18am 5-Nov-2002

I saw the X68 digital camera being sold here in Malaysia. It is going for RM 499 (about USD 131) at KLCC in an outlet called Dynacommunications Sdn. Bhd.

Secret game in T68i - 11:07am 5-Nov-2002

There is a user in esato's forum page who claims that there is a hidden game in the T68i and has a picture and steps on how to get there. You can read the forum message by going directly here.

P800 is quitely shipping out - 1:36pm 3-Nov-2002

I have been getting word from two different sources that the commercial units of P800 are being shipped out to distributors the past week. If this is true, you can expect the P800 to be out before Christmas.

UK WAP reaches 340mil pages a month - 11:03am 1-Nov-2002

And people keep saying WAP is dead. It's just slow...

WAP mobile internet usage on the UK's networks topped 340 million page impressions in September, according to the Mobile Data Association. The figures may well come as surprise to WAP skeptics, who have largely viewed the technology as failing to inspire much consumer interest after its initial hype.

Read the complete story here.

Updated the firmware page - 10:22am 1-Nov-2002

I've updated the firmware pages. Would appreciate it if you guys could update me when you upgrade your firmware. Just e-mail me your Name, Country, Model, and firmware revision. Thanks.