News - Sep, 2002

Electronics Unplugged: Bluetooth Technology Becoming Reality - 8:23am 27-Sep-2002

The guys at Wireless News have a story on the Bluetooth technology and how it is growing and impacting everything that needs a wire to everything else. It also gives a hint of Apple's possible iPhone and the fact that there was word last month that Apple might be working with Sony Ericsson on an upcoming phone project.

"People just want all these devices to work together," said Mike McCamon, executive director of the Bluetooth Special Interest Group. "If it's earth, wind or fire, they don't care how it gets done. They just want it."


In particular, iSync is designed to take advantage of 3G mobile phones, allowing users to keep their phone books synchronized with a Mac's address book. Many Mac observers predict that Jobs will use Bluetooth as the primary connection for an upcoming Apple-branded PDA-mobile phone combination, tentatively dubbed iPhone.

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Sony Ericsson announces three new products - 4:57pm 25-Sep-2002

Sony Ericsson has announced a new phone (T100), headset (HBH-60) and radio handsfree HPR-20.

Read the complete press release for T100, HBH-60, and HPR-20.

Small Finnish Firm Makes Brand Name Phones - 6:26pm 20-Sep-2002

Microcell, which said it wants to list on a stock exchange when markets recover, is coy about who it makes phones for, only willing to say it produced Ericsson's tiny T66 model and was also now supplying the one-year old Sony Ericsson company.

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Report: No link between cell phones and cancer - 2:42pm 20-Sep-2002

In their review, no consistent evidence was observed for increased risk of brain cancer, meningioma, acoustic neurinoma, ocular melanoma, or salivary gland cancer, examined over a wide range of exposure measures, including type of phone, duration of use, frequency of use, total cumulative hours of use, tumor location and laterality (concurrence of tumor location with hand normally used during phone conversations).

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WAP pages are now up and running - 3:26pm 19-Sep-2002

I have uploaded the WAP pages, now you can check my site when you are on the move. Please read the WAP Site link to see how you can access the WAP site from your WAP browser.

Hong Kong tops mobile internet league table - 11:49am 19-Sep-2002

In the report released yesterday, "Internet Reports 2002: Internet for a Mobile Generation", Hong Kong came out on top of a list of 171 countries that were measured against a variety of factors that the ITU believes will influence how quickly or slowly they will enjoy the benefits of 3G technology, and the wider mobile internet.

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3G dismissed as 'too little, too soon' - 2:58pm 18-Sep-2002

Conducted by global management consulting firm AT Kearney and the Judge Institute at Cambridge University's Business School, the study found that more than 36 per cent of respondents either did not need the technology or did not understand what it could do for them.

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Ericsson: We're not going to scuttle Sony pact - 11:33am 17-Sep-2002

"This is simply not true. Ericsson is totally committed to our JV with Sony, and at no point in time have we thought about giving up this alliance," said Kurt Hellstrom, president and chief executive officer of Sweden's Telefon AB LM Ericsson.

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Polyphony could drive you nuts - 11:32am 17-Sep-2002

Polyphonic ringtones sound great - we can all agree about that. Oliver Thylmann does too, but also sees the quite realistic possibility of polyphonic ringtones driving people nuts.

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Grim picture painted for Bluetooth - 11:30am 17-Sep-2002

According to analyst firm Gartner, security flaws and interoperability problems will make Bluetooth-enabled devices inadequate for use without spending to correct problem areas.

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SonyEricsson P800 slips to 2003? - 11:04am 17-Sep-2002

The briefest of reports at French website Mobilmag suggests that the much-hyped SonyEricsson P800, which integrates PDA and a 2.5G cameraphone, has been delayed until January 2003. The story doesn't cite any sources, but says that stability concerns are the reason for the delay.

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Ericsson Disputes Moody's Downgrade - 4:43pm 13-Sep-2002

The Frankfurt, Germany, office of Moody's Investors Service lowered Ericsson's long-term debt rating from Ba2 to Ba1 with a negative outlook. The action comes on the heels of a successful offering that raised $3 billion cash for Ericsson.

But Moody's fears the equipment maker hasn't raised enough. The agency, concerned about operators canceling or scaling back 3G plans, doesn't see any near-term order stabilization. The agency also worries that Ericsson's receivables will deteriorate and that the unprofitable Sony Ericsson handset joint venture will need more investment.

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Tumor Study May Be Used Against Motorola - 4:41pm 13-Sep-2002

Although many studies have found no cancer risk from cell phone use, research published in the latest European Journal of Cancer Prevention said long-term users of old-fashioned analog cell phones were at least 30 percent more likely than nonusers to develop brain tumors.

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Ericsson Still Sees Profitability In 2003 - 4:39pm 13-Sep-2002

STOCKHOLM -(Dow Jones)- Telefon AB LM Ericsson (ERICY) still expects to return to profitability sometime in 2003, Chairman Michael Treschow said Friday after the company announced the successful completion of its SEK30 billion share issue.

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Sony Exec Voices Support For Handset Venture - 4:37pm 13-Sep-2002

Following indications from Ericsson that the Swedish company would only go so far financially to support the Sony Ericsson mobile phone venture, Sony President Kunitake Ando earlier today in Japan told reporters that his company will continue to support the partnership, according to the Associated Press.

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X68 camera - 4:10pm 11-Sep-2002

The guys at 3G Mobile have reported about a third-party digital camera from Taiwan that looks (spec wise) very much like the MCA-20 and costs about half the price of the MCA-20.

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Apple finally launches the iSync program - 1:55pm 11-Sep-2002

But it is only available in beta later this month. :(

Jobs also launched two new applications, an improved calendar iCal and a synchronization tool called iSync for copying calendar and contacts information to cell phones, iPods and Palm handheld computers, all at the same time.

The first program is immediately available for download, while the beta version of iSync will come later this month. Both applications will be free of charge.

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Updated the website - 12:14pm 11-Sep-2002

I have updated the Links and Apple page and added the Linux page. Am waiting for the new IP address to be updated in the DNS as I have moved to a new hosting provider.

MMS is here to stay - 11:12am 7-Sep-2002

The advantages of multimedia communication are obvious. Undoubtedly, a picture is worth more than a thousand words. MMS service represents the integration of multiple formats (text, photos, audio and video clips) in a single message and allows you to send combined images, sound and text to another cellular phone or email address. Making your cellular phone similar to a PC and allowing you to receive news, news images, or videos of financial or sports news. The range of applications for MMS messages is, as you can imagine, really immense...

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Sony chief Zens away Ericsson phone panic - 10:40am 5-Sep-2002

"We are now in the process of getting into one and trying to harmonize," said Sony President Kunitake Ando, cryptically: in a statement that only Marin County or Sedona residents could possibly fully understand. With neither a hot tub, nor crystals available for comment, we'll have to bring you a full analysis of this koan later.

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