News Archive - Jul, 2002

Camera-phones will outsell digital still cameras by 2004 - 12:18pm 31-Jul-2002

Chris Ambrosio, Director, Global Wireless Practice, comments, "Camera phones outside Japan and Korea will remain high-cost, moderate volume products through 2003. Shipment volume will improve in 2004 when camera modules begin to commoditize, and when handset vendors begin to benefit from economies of scale."

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Pricing vital for MMS sucess - 12:14pm 31-Jul-2002

Ovum, the analyst and consultting company reports that the pricing for MMS is vital for it's success. I personally feel that MMS should be a cheap flat monthly rate with the service provider making their money off the GPRS service behind it (at a reasonable rate of course).

The pricing of the MMS photo messages is also critical. The issues are, how high (or low) the price should be, and what tariff structure should it follow? So far, the predominant approach to MMS tariffs has been `one price fits all'. Most operators have adopted this model including Telenor, D2, Telecel, TMN, MMO2 and Sonera.

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Ericsson debt "junked" - 12:10pm 31-Jul-2002

The debt ratings agency, Moody's Investor Services has downgraded the long-term credit rating of Ericsson from Baa3 to Ba1 - giving Ericsson's debt a junk rating - and continues to review its rating for possible further downgrade pending completion of the rights offering. The action does not affect the underwriting of the rights offering.

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Ericsson has responded to the credit rating in a press release here.

Want to know more about the P800? - 4:38pm 23-Jul-2002

There is a pre-release manual labeled for internal use only. If gives a lot of interesting information about the P800.

You can view or download the .PDF file here.

Ericsson axes 5,000 jobs - 2:10pm 22-Jul-2002

Mobile phone giant - Ericsson - is to axe a further 5,000 jobs as it struggles to cut costs amid tough trading conditions.

The job losses are on top of the 20,000 announced by Ericsson three months ago and will bring global headcount down to around 65,000 by the end of 2003.

Today the Swedish company disappointed the market with worse than expected pre-tax losses of SEK3.5bn (240m) for Q2.

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GSM improves its anti-eavesdropping protection - 10:27am 9-Jul-2002

The GSM Association and 3GPP have improved the encryption system of GSM mobiles.

A new security algorithm, known as A5/3, will provide users of GSM mobile phones with an even higher level of protection against eavesdropping than they have already. It will ensure that, even if a prospective attacker manages to pull a GSM phone call out of the radio waves, he will be completely unable to make sense of it, even if he throws massive computing resources at the task.

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Mobile World magazine in Malaysia - 10:32am 8-Jul-2002

While walking around Mid-Valley yesterday, I bumped into a magazine called "Mobile World" which is on it's first issue. Only MYR 5.50 and looks acceptable.

This is of course not an endorsement to the magazine, but just to let you guys know that there is now a magazine which should cater to Malaysia readers.

Visit the website which currently doesn't have any content yet.

Colormania is here to stay - 10:29am 8-Jul-2002

The guys at GSMBOX seem to suggest that the color fanfare of mobile phones are finally here. I for one think the frenzy started when the T68m was announced a year ago.

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PrePay subscribers should get GPRS - 10:40am 5-Jul-2002

This story suggests that if pre-paid customers are given GPRS services, they would be generating (an estimate) USD 15.5 billion in GPRS and other non-voice services by 2007.

Am proud to say the my provider DiGi is the first in Asia (if not the world) to provide GPRS to it's pre-paid customers. No, DiGi did not pay me to say this, just a fact.

If operators make next-generation services available to prepaid customers by early 2003, Analysys estimates that residential prepaid users could generate US$15.5 billion in GPRS and UMTS non-voice service revenue by 2007.

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Mobile games to be worth US$9 billion by 2008 - 10:37am 5-Jul-2002

New analysis from Frost & Sullivan, has said that revenues from wireless games totaled US$436.4 million in 2001. Steady growth for messaging-based, web-based and downloadable mobile gaming could push total revenues to US$9.34 billion in 2008.

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Ericsson Handsets work with Mac users - 10:29am 5-Jul-2002

Author Jonas Salling has written an OBEX compliant program that allows the Mac user to exchange data to / from their Ericsson phones. This protocol should be compatible with Infra-red, cable and Bluetooth transport layers. You can get the program from the URL

The story was reported here.

Peer-to-peer cellphones now a possibility - 10:21am 5-Jul-2002

Mitsubishi has developed a peer-to-peer type network relay. This will reduce the upfront costs for service providers as they will not need / or only need a few base stations to operate their network. Though the idea seems interesting, a few questions to pop up in my mind.

What Mitsubishi has developed, is the prototype of a relay-type mobile communications technology, called Mobile Telecommunications Radio and Relay Network (MOTERAN). The basic patent has been already granted in Europe and Japan and has been applied for in major countries around the world. Unlike conventional mobile communications, MOTERAN allows each terminal to act as a relay point communicating with other terminals without the requirement for infrastructure, such as base stations or switches. This could be known as peer to peer networking.

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Using MMS on your mobile (even if your provider isn't) - 4:27pm 4-Jul-2002

There is a website that offers the MMS services regardless of your service provider offering you the MMS service. To know the exact requirements, just visit them at and see what they have to offer.

Updated the Firmware revision list - 6:22pm 3-Jul-2002

Updated the firmware revision list. Thanks to Andreas and MyCosmos for their feedbacks.

The Commonwealth Games - Manchester 2002 - 3:29pm 2-Jul-2002

For those who are interested, below are the T68, R520 and T65 background images for the Commonwealth Games 2002.


Added Spanish translation via Google's language translation - 2:40pm 2-Jul-202

These is now spanish language support via the Google language translation program.

What you get with the T68i upgrade of your T68m - 2:22pm 2-Jul-2002

Basically, your phone becomes a native T68i mobile, but what does that mean to you as a former T68m user?

The site has a complete write up of what you get when you upgrade your T68m with the T68i firmware.

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