News Archive - Jun, 2002

Sony Ericsson Unleashed - 12:23pm 29-Jun-2002

The guys at allNetDevices have done a roundup of all the new products launced by Sony Ericsson at CommunicAsia 2002 held in Singapore.

Read the complete story here.

Hear the T300 multi-polyphony - 7:36pm 24-Jun-2002

If you want to hear the T300's multi-polyphony sound. Click this link or if you have a slower than T1 connection, right-click on it and save it first before playing it.

Preview of T600 - 11:29am 24-Jun-2002

GSMBOX has a preview of the T600 mobile. Having a white backlight, four greyscale, EMS and Triband.

Read the complete preview here.

Sony Ericsson announces the models T200, T300 and T600 - 10:11pm 18-Jun-2002

Sony Ericsson launched out three new models to be made available soon. They are the T200, T300 and T600 models. The news models have color and downloadable games options built into them.

Read the press release here for T200, T300, and T600.

Upgrading your T68m to T68i functions - 10:45am 14-Jun-2002

I was just informed yesterday that you can now upgrade your T68m mobile with the MMS capable firmware here in Malaysia. This was confirmed by the Accord service center people. If the other service centers do not offer the upgrade, do tell me and I'll give you the direction to the Accord service center.

I have been told that there is a processing fee of RM 45 for the upgrade.

Open Mobile Alliance - 10:38am 14-Jun-2002

An allicane of over 200 mobile manufacturers have formed the Open Mobile Alliance. This group fosters (in their own words):

The mission of the Open Mobile Alliance is to grow the market for the entire mobile industry by removing the barriers to global user adoption and by ensuring seamless application interoperability while allowing businesses to compete through innovation and differentiation.

Visit their site here.

Sony to brew up wireless games - 6:17pm 7-Jun-2002

Is this another indication of what will be in store on the P800 when it comes out?

Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) has said that they will be developing recognized entertainment brands for wireless devices using Qualcomm's Binary Runtime Environment for Wireless (BREW) platform. With popular titles such as Wheel of Fortune Online and Jeopardy Online, SOE is leveraging its experience in the casual gaming market to bring some of the Internet's most popular titles to a growing audience of mobile gamers.

Read the complete story here.

Older Ericsson handset gets MMS software upgrade - 6:13pm 7-Jun-2002

Looks like other cellular news websites besides us Sony Ericsson centric sites are now covering the T68m upgrade availability story. Hopefully this gets Sony Ericsson to move a little faster on this issue and they seem to have been dragging their feet on this for a long, long time.

The software upgrade is available now in Europe and Asia and should be made available in the Americas within the next few weeks. Owners of the T68 are advised to contact their local SonyEricsson service center to confirm that it has the necessary software to perform the upgrade.

Read the complete story here.

Beauty contests speed 3G deployment - 6:10pm 7-Jun-2002

According to recent research by the Teleconomy Group, a correlation exists between countries that have favoured a beauty contest rather than an auction based award of licenses, in terms of state of preparedness and a realistic schedule for the launch of 3G services. Teleconomy says that it believes that in countries such as Sweden, Finland and Denmark, the estimated start date to deploy 3G networks appears more realistic compared to Germany, the UK and Italy.

Read the complete story here.

Football fans out there, a gift to you... - 12:11pm 7-Jun-2002

This is a little gift for me to all football fans out there. You can either save the picture now and send it to your phone via infra-red / Bluetooth or you can visit my WAP site and save it directly from there. The background picture fits all Ericsson or Sony Ericsson models that support background pictures.

Updates - 11:28am 7-Jun-2002

Updated the Firmware Revision page (can you guys please check your firmwares and update me on this?) and realized that this site has reached 30000+ unique hits! Thanks all!

DiGi is now offering GPRS to it's customers - 4:34pm 6-Jun-2002

DiGi is finally offering GPRS to it's subscribers. Just give them a call on their HELPLINE (016-2211800) and request for it. It will take them two (2) working days to process the request. I have been told that they will charge by volume (K) instead of time and the selling rate is 5 sen per 10k.

Malaysia's DiGi Telecommunications has said that its GPRS is now available nationwide for all its customers, with no monthly fees attached to the service. The charges for this service will be based on the "pay as you use" charging mechanism. With the availability of GPRS on its network, DiGi is also the first telco in the Asian region to offer GPRS for a prepaid service.

Read the complete story here.

GPRS slow to take off - 5:11pm 4-Jun-2002

The funny thing here is my own network provider already has GPRS up and running. However, they are only made available to corporate accounts.

Gartner has said that it expects that GPRS will fail to meet the revenue expectations of mobile operators, and that it will prove to be a great technological disappointment until capacity, device and application challenges are overcome. According to Gartner, GPRS will not meet original expectations due primarily to an application gap that prevents GPRS from being suited for mainstream usage. GPRS is currently suited to business-to-consumer (B2C) applications on mobile phones and niche business-to-employee (B2E) applications on PDAs and laptops.

Read the complete story here.

Bomb concealed in a cellphone - 5:07pm 4-Jun-2002

The Russians did it again!

Russian media has been reporting that a 23yr old woman had died following the detonation of a bomb that was apparently concealed inside a cellphone. The woman's husband is reported as saying that the cellphone had been purchased at a market near a Moscow subway station and exploded when his wife first switched it on. The deputy prosecutor for the town of Lubertsy, Ramis Sapparov verified to the local RTR television station that the explosion had occurred but refused to say what caused it.

Read the complete story here.

Future phones could be a hard sell - 5:01pm 4-Jun-2002

After years of milking the cash cow, the cow is now very thin and...

This is the year that mobile operators and handset makers are working hard to convince consumers to swap their existing phone for one that can handle forthcoming data services.

They are keen to get existing customers signing up and spending more on the new services because new subscribers are suddenly proving hard to find.

But experts are divided over whether the phones will prove popular and if operators will be able to squeeze more money out of their customers.

Read the complete story here.

No 3G infrastructure sharing for Singapore - 4:57pm 4-Jun-2002

Unlike it's Malaysian cousins, Singapore players have decided not to share their 3G infrastructures.

Singapore's telecoms regulator, the IDA has said that it will not consider the possibility of allowing 3G infrastructure sharing in the country, based on feedback to a public consultation. The IDA said that the decision takes into account industry views and comments on the difficulties and limited scope associated with such infrastructure sharing initiatives in Singapore's context.

Read the complete story here.

Celcom to offer SMS based PrePay top-ups - 4:55pm 4-Jun-2002

724 Solutions has said that its wireless solution has been chosen by one of Malaysia's largest banks, Bumiputra Commerce Bank Berhad (BCB), and Malaysia's second largest mobile operator, Celcom to enable Celcom's prepaid mobile customers, who hold bank accounts with BCB to access the network and recharge their airtime by simply sending an SMS.

Read the complete story here.

DiGi not bidding for Malaysian 3G license - 2:52pm 3-Jun-2002

Mr Tore Johnsen, Chief Operating Officer of DiGi said in a press-release on Wednesday (29-May-2002) that DiGi would not participate in the country's forthcoming 3G auction.

Malaysia's GSM network, DiGi Telecommunications has said that it will not participate in the country's forthcoming 3G auction, preferring instead to operate as a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO).


On DiGi's decision not to submit a bid for a 3G spectrum assignment, he said it was a strategic one, taking into consideration DiGi's core and leverageable strengths and the 2G/3G evolutionary process. This also supports the government's call to the industry to avoid duplication of infrastructure and optimize capacity, he added.

Read the complete story here.

Five bid for Malaysian 3G licenses - 2:49pm 3-Jun-2002

The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission has announced that there are five bidders for the country's three 3G licenses. This is higher than had been anticipated, with expectation of just three of the existing networks submitting bids.

The interested parties are the incumbent GSM networks, the Technology Resources Industries backed, Celcom, Time dotCom through its TIMESat subsidiary, Telekom Malaysia and Maxis Communications through the bidding name UMTS (Malaysia) - along with new entrant, the Application Services Provider E-Touch Sdn Bhd.

Read the complete story here.

Handset industry to be worth USD 100b in 2006 - 2:40pm 3-Jun-2002

A report from In-Stat/MDR has indicated that the handset (mobile phone) inductry would be worth USD 100b dollars in 2006. These figures did take into consideration "We can still look forward with a moderate amount of enthusiasm. Now that prepaid subscribers are being de-emphasized in many regions, the percentage of low featured, low margin, handsets are on the decline and prices are expected to remain reasonably stable over the next 5 years." said Ray Jodoin, a principal analyst with the research firm.

In-Stat/MDR has also found that in 2002, The Americas will account for the activation of 25.8% of the worldwide handset uptake. Latin America will take an increasingly important roll in handset activations, as their share of the worldwide market climbs to 10.2% in 2006 and in 2002, Rest of World (ROW) will account for the activation of 43.4% of the worldwide handset uptake, giving them a dominant Share of Market (SOM) position.

Read the complete story here.