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SonyEricsson handset certified for use with Tecnomen MMS center - 11:27am 30-Apr-2002

Looks like the T68i is busy getting certified with other infrastructure providers MMSC solutions. This time it's Tecnomen.

Client-server interoperability critical for rapid, widespread uptake of multimedia messaging

Tecnomen and SonyEricsson today announced the successful completion of a testing programme confirming interoperability between Tecnomen's Multimedia Messaging Service Centre (Tecnomen MMSC) and SonyEricsson's T68i MMS-enabled mobile handset.

Interoperability between the MMS-enabled phones and the service systems that will manage and store MMS messages is crucial in order to ensure the seamless, rapid transfer of messages between different mobile networks and handsets.

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SonyEricsson handset certified for use with Comverse MMS center - 3:05pm 29-Apr-2002

Comverse (a mobile network infrastructure solutions provider) has just certified the T68i to be compatible with their MMSC product. This in short means that any mobile service provider who uses either Ericsson or Comverse MMSC solutions would guarantee that it will work with the T68i (and can safely assume any MMS capable model from Sony Ericsson).

Comverse has announced the successful completion of interoperability certification between the Comverse MMSC (Multimedia Messaging Service Center) and the MMS-capable Sony Ericsson T68i handset. Comverse is conducting a broad program to ensure its interoperability with all major MMS terminal and MMS server vendors.

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PS2 to pour into new smartphones - 11:33am 29-Apr-2002

The guys at ZDnet (UK) have managed to talk to Sony Ericsson vice president, Anil Raj, head of stratergy and business development on how Sony's entertainment units can help create rich content to the Sony Ericsson smartphones.

Sony and Ericsson combined their handset divisions last year, and this year will see the launch of an ambitious range of smartphones, combining the technical expertise of Ericsson with Sony's well-known industrial design and branding skills.

Sony Ericsson president Katsumi Ihara has pledged that the P800, launching later this year, will bring with it a well-coordinated package of content and services, tying in with Sony entertainment properties. It will also come equipped with technology in which Ericsson takes a leading role, such as Bluetooth.

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Hands on with the P800 PDA-killer - 11:19am 29-Apr-2002

The guys at The Register have written a wonderful write-up of the P800. This article has totally convinced me that I need to get this guy when it comes out.

Handspring's fine Treo communicator had Walt Mossberg of the Wall Street Journal hyperventilating recently, with Walt describing it as the best phone and the best PDA he'd ever used. It probably is.

But when Walt gets to see the Sony Ericsson P800, we recommend that the demonstrators bring along a team of paramedics. Although the Treo and the P800 are functionally similar, our first impressions of the new Ericsonny device leave the Treo looking like Dilbert's secret Elbonian recipe for mud (that's soil and water, by the way).

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Cellphones not responsible for tumors in ears - 6:21pm 24-Apr-2002

Looks like mobile phones do not cause cancer after all.

There are no established environmental causes of acoustic neuroma, although there has been concern that hand-held cellular telephone users may be at increased risk. The radio frequency radiation emitted from cellular phones is absorbed superficially on the skin and bones surrounding the ear, and intracranially behind the ear.

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SonyEricssons 3G phone - 12:01pm 23-Apr-2002

SonyEricson has developed a new 3G phone together with an operator in Japan. The public hasn't been able to see it yet, since it has only been shown to operators.

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Ericsson axes 20,000 jobs - 11:24am 23-Apr-2002

Ericsson is to axe 20,000 jobs over the next two years as the downturn in the mobile phone industry continues to bite.

Pre-tax losses widened to SEK5.4 billion (360 million) in Q1 2002 from SEK4.9 billion (330 million) during the corresponding period last year amid falling revenues.

Despite the gloom the Swedish mobile phone business claims it will return to profit some time in 2003.

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Firmware Revision List Updated - 9:24pm 19-Apr-2002

Updated the firmware revision list. Please check my list againts your mobile and please update me if you have something newer.

Microsoft to support Bluetooth - 9:17pm 19-Apr-2002

Microsoft will finally take the plunge into Bluetooth later this year, when it begins shipping a USB Bluetooth transceiver, keyboard and mouse. The tranceiver will be able to handle up to seven Bluetooth devices, and this plus the inclusion of Bluetooth support in Windows XP means that Bluetooth is finally arriving in the PC world.

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GPRS roaming hub for Asia created - 1:08am 18-Apr-2002

Aicent says that it has commenced GPRS Roaming Exchange (GRX) services with a group of leading mobile operators, creating the largest GPRS roaming network in the Asia Pacific region.

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Malaysia outlines 3G license procedure - 1:05am 18-Apr-2002

The Commission will then select the three best applicants to have successfully fulfilled all the above-mentioned criteria coupled with a minimum score requirement of at least 60%. However, in the event that the number of 3G spectrum licenses offered is more than the number of successful applicants which meet the above requirement, then the Commission reserves the right to issue less than 3 licenses or even none at all.

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Outside In Technology for SonyEricsson smartphones - 1:23am 11-Apr-2002

SonyEricsson has licensed Outside In Technology for its Symbian enabled P800 smartphone. This technology, by Stellent, can enable users of the SonyEricsson smartphone to read 70 file formats on their devices without accessing the native application. Documents created in standard business applications such as Microsoft Office and PDF can be viewed by the mobile user on mobile or wireless devices using Microsoft Windows CE, Microsoft Pocket PC, Symbian, Embedded Linux or other platforms.

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GSMBOX Test the T68i - 1:19am 11-Apr-2002

GSMBOX has done a test on the new Sony Ericsson T68i.

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Upgraded my R380s to R380e - 7:14pm 2-Apr-2002

Just upgraded my R380s with the R380e firmware, this was definitely a painless upgrade for me. All I needed was to download the updates for the synchronization software to update it to R1S from the internet. Backup my R380s phone's data, get my phone upgraded to the R380e firmware. Restoring simply meant running the restore of the R1S software, and it detected my new phone, updated the backup data and everything was restored to my phone. This also includes the custom startup I have on my mobile.