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Sony Ericsson T206 (CDMA 1X / WAP / Games / GPS) - 6:56pm 26-Mar-2002

The T206 is Sony Ericsson's second tri-mode handset for CDMA2000 1X networks. Equipped with a WAP 1.2 browser and CDMA2000 1X technology, the T206 allows consumers to browse the mobile Internet for news, weather, sports, entertainment and more - at speeds of up to 153 kbps.

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Apple finally has Bluetooth support - 7:28pm 21-Mar-2002

Apple, Inc. has finally added Bluetooth support to it's line of Macintosh computers. This is made possible by a product called DWB-120M Bluetooth USB by D-Link. Now all we need is a software that supports the OBEX protocol.

To find out more about the D-Link product, click here.

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Firmware Revision Page has been updated - 2:52pm 20-Mar-2002

Have updated the page and added the T66 and R600 firmwares. Please check your firmware againts my list and e-mail me should you have an updated firmware newer than what I have listed on my site.

GSMBOX tests the T66 - 2:48pm 20-Mar-2002

GSMBOX has a nice writeup of the T66.

The new, and extremely small, T66 is put on the market by Sony Ericsson, even though it is still an Ericsson at 100%, in the software as well as the hardware. It does boast a first: it is currently the lightest GSM on the European market (and probably in the world). It disappears completely behind a credit card (the same height but narrower), and offers totally respectable technological content, it is even tri-band.

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This site has been rather quiet - 4:55pm 18-Mar-2002

Sorry if the site has been rather quiet, this is because your webmaster has been rather busy with work. :-(

Even worse is that I will be away again starting from 23-Mar-2002 all the way till 22-Apr=2002. My web access during that time would be limited to http type access via proxy. So the main news page would be rather quiet during that time. However, I will be able to access the forum pages, so please register there and hopefully would be able to update some news or other there.

Old Games find a new platform - 4:54pm 18-March-2002

Your favourite Atari games will soon be coming to Sony Ericsson phones. Through a series of partnerships with iFone and Synergenix, Sony Ericsson will develop downloadable games to be available during 2002. The games in Sony's new portfolio will be available for download from iFone and Synergenix portals, but also immediately from Sony Ericsson's mobile Internet portal.

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Phone drop calls? Blame the sun - 10:10am 8-Mar-2002

The next time you use you mobile and your calls keep dropping, don't be too quick to blame you service provider, it could have just been the sun.

A new study of 40 years of solar data shows that during peaks in activity, bursts of energy from the Sun can potentially cause dropped calls for some cell phone users across wide areas twice per week. The problem is caused when radio waves associated with the bursts hit cell phone towers, creating static that overwhelms the signal at the tower, where calls are relayed.

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More about the SonyEricsson P800 - 1:53pm 7-Mar-2002

The P800 imaging and messaging capabilities makes it ideal to capture, show and send images. It features a large color screen: 208 x 320 pixels flip open (and 208 x 144 pixels flip closed) in 4096 colors, a fully integrated camera and storage space. Katsumi Ihara, president of Sony Ericsson considers color a key driver for handset replacement in 2002. Once captured images can be sent via all the standard protocols supported by Symbian OS such as MMS, email and Bluetooth. With support for GSM 900, 1800 and 1900, GPRS and HSCSD, the P800 works across the five continents.

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The digital paper - 12:34pm 7-Mar-2002

Since everything is going digital, why not the paper? A small startup company together with Ericsson are using BlueTooth and their paper (with pen of course) to revolutionize the way we write.

While digital technology has made great strides, it has yet to replace the simple elegance of a pad and pen. But a Swedish startup has an idea that looks promising.

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Sony Ericsson Aims to Entertain with New Phones - 12:31pm 7-Mar-2002

LONDON - Mobile phone maker Sony Ericsson moved full force into mobile entertainment on Tuesday by launching new phones with color screens and cameras, along with movie clips, games and music specially designed for them.

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Renegade Ericsson now has a forum page - 12:10pm 7-Mar-2002

Somewhere in Aug-2001, I was searching for a BBS style forum page and visited a few site that provided such services (for free). In my search, I signed up with Yahoo! which offers an eGroup service that allows polls, messages and file sharing among it's members. I did not manage to find that perfect forum site. But as time went on, the Yahoo group that I signed up though closed was gettings one or two users requesting membership to that group.

So, today I decided to open up that group which costs nothing to sign up for and discuss you favourite E/// or S/E phone, etc. To get there, just click the Forum link in the menu. Hope to see you guys there. Untill further notice, membership is instant and does not need my authorization to join.

New mobile color imaging solution, the T68i and new CommuniCam - 10:07pm 5-Mar-2002

Sony Ericsson today unveiled the T68i mobile phone and the CommuniCam MCA-20 digital camera accessory. With the camera snapped on to the phone, it is easy to take pictures and send them as an MMS-message to another phone, e-mail them to a PC, or store them in the phone's extensive photo album. Sony Ericsson confirms its leadership in mobile imaging, and shipments of both products will begin immediately in Europe and Asia.

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P800, a multimedia smartphone with inbuilt camera - 10:05pm 5-Mar-2002

Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications today unveiled the P800, a multimedia smartphone for world-wide communications. It has a large color touch-screen, in-built camera, access to the Internet and runs on triple band GSM and GPRS networks. Based on the open Symbian 7.0 platform, this is a fully featured mobile multimedia product, and the most advanced phone that has been announced in the GSM-industry.

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Z700, a mobile gaming phone with color screen - 10:03pm 5-Mar-2002

Sony Ericsson today unveiled the Z700 gaming phone. The phone combines a color screen, Java, Bluetooth, polyphonic ringtones and fast GPRS connection to form an ideal tool for playing games when mobile. The Z700 comes pre-loaded with Men in Black and Charlie's Angels games, and will be on the market during Q3.

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Sony Ericsson to collaborate with Sony content companies - 10:01pm 5-Mar-2002

Sony Ericsson today announced a series of global partnerships with Sony Group's content companies concerning mobile multimedia content and applications. Sony Ericsson's agreements with Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc., Sony Music Entertainment Inc. and Sony Europe GmbH (Sony Style Imaging), cover technology collaboration, market-building and business development. The announcement of these partnerships coincides with Sony Ericsson's launch of a strong product portfolio concentrating on imaging and messaging applications.

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Sony Ericsson unveils two new Bluetooth handsfree solutions - 9:59pm 5-Mar-2002

Sony Ericsson today unveiled a portable Bluetooth handsfree headset, the HBH-30, and a Bluetooth Car Handsfree, the HCB-30. Bluetooth is a key ingredient in the Sony Ericsson portfolio, as the door is opened for innovative new applications while maintaining a focus on the phone. With the launch of these two new Bluetooth handsfree solutions, Sony Ericsson demonstrates its leadership within Bluetooth, and, at the same time its dedication to bring the benefits of Blutooth to consumers. The Bluetooth Handsfree headset HBH-30 will be on the market in Q2 and the Bluetooth Car Handsfree HCB-30 solution will be on the market in Q3.

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Sony Ericsson unveils GPRS PC card modem - 9:54pm 5-Mar-2002

Sony Ericsson today unveiled the GC75, a triple-band GSM data modem. It will enable mobile professionals to access their company network, e-mail server and the Internet directly from their laptops, using GPRS, HSCSD or standard circuit-switched data. Laptop users are now able to work easily when out of the office as the GC75 provides a user experience comparable to that of a fixed-line modem, but with the added advantage of being wireless.

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Sony Ericsson mobiles to talk Java - 9:52pm 5-Mar-2002

Sony Ericsson today announced a licensing and cooperation agreement on Java technology with Sun Microsystems. Support for games and entertainment services is a core element of Sony Ericsson's product strategy and Java is a key application enabler for delivering multimedia communications and entertainment services on open platforms to mobile users. The multiyear agreement, signed in December 2001, covers licensing of Java Micro Edition (J2ME) technology, porting services and other technology and marketing cooperation.

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T206, a GPS-enabled tri-mode phone for CDMA systems - 9:48pm 5-Mar-2002

Sony Ericsson today unveiled the T206, featuring Global Positioning System (GPS) for emergency and location-based services. For personalization, messaging and entertainment, the T206 features screensavers, games and enhanced messaging services, EMS. The T206 is the first Sony Ericsson branded CDMA phone for the Americas.

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T62u, a GAIT-phone with Java for the Americas - 9:45pm 5-Mar-2002

Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications today unveiled the T62u, the first phone to incorporate both TDMA 800/1900 and GSM 850/1900 frequencies and GPRS, in addition to analog. This enables seamless roaming across multiple wireless technologies for superior coverage. Being a GAIT phone (GSM ANSI Interoperability Team), the T62u will help operators transition their networks from TDMA to GSM technology. For the consumers the benefit is that the phone lives through network upgrades. The T62u is also Sony Ericsson's first Java-enabled mobile phone for the Americas, allowing for download of games.

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T61g, Sony Ericsson's first phone for the Americas - 9:39pm 5-Mar-2002

Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications today unveiled the T61g, the first mobile phone to be launched under the company's brand in the United States. The T61g is one of the first phones to operate on both the 850 and 1900 MHz GSM frequencies. The 850 MHz frequency takes advantage of existing networks being transitioned from TDMA to GSM technology. The T61g also helps operators manage transition capacity with its inclusion of Adaptive Multi Rate (AMR) technology.

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SonyEricsson announces many new products at CeBit 2002 - 9:27pm 5-Mar-2002

SonyEricsson has just revamped their website and has even shortened their URL name from to which does wonders. Ok, enought bullshit. You can see all that they have to offer in CeBit 2002 here.

SonyEricsson to unveil new color screen phones - 11:59am 1-Mar-2002

Mobile phone maker Sony Ericsson, battling to build market share in the competitive market for handsets, will present new, color screen models at a news conference on Tuesday (5-Mar-2002), a company source said on Thursday.

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