News Archive - Feb, 2002

Bluetooth introduces additional profiles - 9:47am 28-Feb-2002

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group has introduced the Hands-Free profile, which allows products that use Bluetooth specifications to make an automatic connection between a car's hands-free system and the driver's mobile phone. The Imaging profile increases the interactivity of mobile phone and other devices. By using these profiles, Bluetooth wireless products can enable a virtually automatic interface between the car and wireless devices. The profiles are also expected to play a big role in expanding this technology's success.

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Practice "Safe Text" - 9:44am 28-Feb-2002

A BCA (British Chiropractic Association) spokesman Matthew Bennett warned: "Text messaging regularly, over a long period of time, could cause repetitive strain and lead to injuries later in life."

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Renegade Ericsson is now ONE year old! - 11:34am 27-Feb-2002

Just realized this website is 365 days old today. May the future be better and brighter for us. Cheers all!

Sneak peek at the SonyEricsson T68i - 11:20am 27-Feb-2002

Looks like some people have already gotten their hands on the much rumoured SonyEricsson T68i. Though it looks different, it is supposed to be a T68 on the inside. It also features everything that SonyEricsson had promised to T68 users, so existing T68 users should be able to upgrade their phones with the same features set as the T68i.

See more picture of the T68i here.

Mobile phone shields don't work - 9:17am 25-Feb-2002

Looks like people who have been spending money buying those radiation shields are exposing themselves to more radiation than normal.

An FTC official said there was no scientific evidence that the so-called radiation shields blocked any radiation and could actually increase radiation exposure by making the telephones work harder to draw a signal.

Read the complete story from Reuters here and from GSMBOX here.

Ericsson T61 - 10:29am 19-Feb-2002

The Howard Chui website has a few pictures of a GAIT (GSM ANSI Interoperability Team) compliant mobile. Though there is no official word on this model yet, the mobile is expected to cover the GSM, TDMA, CDMA and AMPS band.

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Youth market for MMS to boom - 10:26am 19-Feb-2002

A survey done in the UK seems to suggest that the youth markets are willing to spend on next generation MMS enabled mobiles.

Over two thirds of the 16-24 year old mobile phone users questioned said they would like to exchange animations, videos, pictures and music with friends and colleagues. Half this group are willing to replace their phones to be able to use the new services. The next older group, 25-34 year olds, were also enthusiastic about MMS, with 29% prepared to buy new compatible handsets.

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Firmware Revision page updated - 10:14am 19-Feb-2002

Just updated the firmware revision page, thanks to Jonas for the update.

Firmware Revision page updated - 11:34am 8-Feb-2002

Just updated the firmware revision page, thanks to TigErEntE for the update.

GSMBOX gives the R380e a test run - 11:10am 7-Feb-2002

The guys at GSMBOX have a neat write-up of the new R380e, and highlighting the new features found on this model over the older R380s.

Read the complete story here.

For all you R380s users out there, you can now go to an authorized Ericsson service center and get them to flash the R380e firmware into your smartphone. Though availability varies from country to country.

T68 Rumours (with a few facts) - 1:39pm 5-Feb-2002

Word has been going around that the R2B firmware for the T68 would be released on the 4-Mar-2002 (at least the EU1 firmware would, other versions may take a little longer). This is the firmware which shares a common memory block for pictures, melodies, messages and contain MMS support. Prototype users have reported about 500K of memory is made available for such storage. It was also said that the T68i would be a T68 with i-mode build it. CNETAsia however reports that the T68i is just the same as the T68 in every aspect but with extra memory (could be they found 500K to be insufficient).

Read what CNETAsia reported here.

Updated the Firmware Revision page (again?) - 1:37pm 5-Feb-2002

Updated the page with more precise information on the models.

Updated the links page - 3:40pm 4-Feb-2002

Updated the links page. Now has a link to GSM operators and their network codes. It also lists the helpdesk numbers for most operators, useful when roaming.

Updated the Firmware Revision page - 10:37am 4-Feb-2002

This will only be updated when users inform me that they have an updated firmware flashed into their phone or when I am told by my sources who only gets updated when the AP versions of the firmware gets updated.

SonyEricsson more popular than Nokia - 10:15am 4-Feb-2002

A new statistic for the Swedish market shows that Ericsson has now passed Nokia as the most popular manufacture of mobile phones. This does not apply to the number of devices sold. Nokia is still on the top of this list.

Statistics from the consumer site Pricerunner where buyers compare products before they buy, shows that the interest in Ericsson phones have doubled in 2001. The four most popular phones are all Ericsson phones. Nokia's popularity is going down from 50 to 30 percent in one year.

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SonyEricsson recall T65 mobile phone - 10:11am 4-Feb-2002

"We have recalled all new T65 sent to our distributors for control, and we are going through everything in our stock to make sure that what we sell is ok." says Head of SonyEricsson Nordic division, Roger Bolander to Computer Sweden.


Last week SonyEricsson sent out a request to all it's distributors to send back the phones remaining in stock. They did this to make sure that all models sold to end-users would be working properly.

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