News Archive - Dec, 2001

Microsoft to try to simplify development and use of Bluetooth - 2:07pm 14-Dec-2001

Looks like Microsoft will support Bluetooth after all. I only wonder how it affects existing Bluetooth implementations.

In Windows XP, the PAN and discovery profiles will have support only for IP Version 6, the emerging next generation of IP, and not the current IP Version 4. Version 6 offers nearly unlimited IP addresses, as well as built-in support for mobile IP networking and secure ad-hoc networks, according to Glass. The explosion of small networked devices will create demand for many new IP addresses, he says.

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European mobile operators are not ready for GPRS - 1:59pm 14-Dec-2001

It looks like European operators are not ready to push GPRS onto their networks. This seems contradictory to the fact that KPN (Netherlands) just licensed I-Mode (and pushing it to other operators in Europe) and with the advant of color and better content accessibility through your mobile, don't they need somthing higher than 9.6kbps?

Despite these benefits and opportunities, GPRS has not meant an increase in customers' use of mobile services. Operators have upgraded their GSM networks to GPRS, and the level of use has remained the same. When asked to explain why, operators have argued that as long as Nokia did not offer a GPRS phone, this would obstruct the development of the mobile internet.

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Site is back to normal - 7:58pm 12-Dec-2001

Sorry for the no-updates. I had trouble uploading to my site which now seems to be fixed.

Updated the Tips & Tricks page - 9:45pm 10-Dec-2001

I have updated the Tips & Tricks page, showing you how to find interesting things programmers leave in their programs called "Easter Eggs"