News Archive - Oct, 2001

Ericsson debuts I-Mode Converter Feature - 10:58am 26-Oct-2001

Looks like the T68 which was just launched in Europe has an I-Mode converter.

Sony Ericsson's latest mobile phone flagship, the Ericsson T68, has just been launched. It is an impressive phone with many strong features such as GPRS, color screen and Bluetooth.

"It is almost like being in Japan, except for one small detail," said Gustaf Rosell, CEO of Xpedio. That "detail" is a converter developed by Xpedio to convert WML 1.2.1, which supports color images, to Japanese standard i-mode format CHTML.

WAP 2.0 was not defined in time for the release of the T68 so it only supports WAP 1.2.1. Major parts of WAP 2.0 (the XHTML Basic format) will be supported in future releases.

Besides supporting existing i-mode sites in Japan, it will also display the soon-to-be released European i-mode services in Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium.

Read the complete story here.

Sony Ericsson site updated with T68 info - 4:50pm 23-Oct-2001

The Sony Ericsson website has been updated with information on the T68.

You can visit it here.

Ericsson HBH-20 - 10:51am 18-Oct-2001

Looks like the rumour reported by djk Telecom on the HBH-20 was correct. Sony Ericsson yesterday released a press statement regarding this model. Below is a little info on the HBH-20.

Quick facts: Bluetoothtm Handsfree HBH-20
Size (Bluetooth unit): 68 x 35 x 22 mm
Total weight: 26 g
Weight (Bluetooth unit only): 18 g
Talk time: Up to 4 hours
Standby time: Up to 60 hours
Colours: Silver base, silver and dark blue covers

The Bluetooth unit can be carried on a necklace or clipped onto a shirt or blouse, and even features interchangeable covers that allow the wearer to coordinate its appearance with clothing. The earpiece is only needed when actually making a call, allowing the handsfree to blend in easily with the wearer's apparel.

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Updated the Links page - 10:41am 17-Oct-2001

Updated the Links page as I found another Unofficial Ericsson T39 site. Go visit the Links page.

Ericsson T39 SAR rating - 10:37am 17-Oct-2001

Looks like the Ericsson T39 has an SAR (Specific Absorbation Rate) rating of 0.6 units. Use the ID PBY1130102 to get the SAR report from the FCC ID site.

Ericsson T68, launch scoop... - 4:05pm 16-Oct-2001

Word is going around that the T68 will be on stores on the 22-Oct-2001 in Sweden for a retail price of about 5500 SEK (about USD 520 or RM 1976). Too expensive? It comes with a Bluetooth headset. The only downside at the moment is that the phone will only come with EMS and not MMS in the initial units. The MMS feature will be made available as a software upgrade in Apr-2002.

Ericsson T65, launch scoop... - 6:36pm 15-Oct-2001

A reliable source told me that all new models starting from the T65 model will be branded under the Sony Ericsson name. The phone is supposed to be sold here in Malaysia at RM 999 (about USD 262) and will be released "next week" as my sources say.

The T68: Full Color in a World of Sound - 2:07pm 15-Oct-2001

"The T68 is a significant step towards integrating 3G into the here and now," says Carl Smith, Global Product Manager for the T68. "With its full screen design and menu of applications there really isn't anything like it on the market at the moment. The T68 is already attracting interest as a great tool for showing 3G services from operators as well as end users"

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16-Oct-2001 4:04pm
Looks likes you will get a Bluetooth headset when you buy the T68

Ericsson already into 4G - 7:27pm 12-Oct-2001

The 3G Newsroom site has an interesting article about Ericsson. While wireless operators are kicking and screaming about the pains of going into 3G wireless technology, Ericsson has already started looking into 4G wireless technology.

It would put together personal devices that can connect to each other without cables, such as wireless headphones, a personal data organizer (PDA) and a mobile phone, with devices working in a wireless local area computer network, such as laptops and wide area broadband networks, such as 3G telephony. The trick, however, will be to make them all work together without glitches.

Read the complete story here.

A Renegade Review - Ericsson R520 - 11:00am 12-Oct-2001

For the past two weeks, I have been using and playing around with a commercial unit of the Ericsson R520. This unit was provided by Ericsson Malaysia (Mobile Internet Programs Unit).

Would like to take this opportunity to thank Brent Floden and Khairulyadi Mahadi who made this possible.

Go read it in the Reviews page.

GSMBOX does a preview of the R600 - 9:11pm 11-Oct-2001

The guys from GSMBOX have done a preview of the Ericsson R600 mobile.

The interesting range of Ericsson phones is completed, at least for the moment, by a dual band entry level model, the R600. Although aimed at the medium/low market segment, this Swedish handset is equipped with GPRS technology and a whole series of options as listed below, which make it attractive to users who are a little more demanding but would prefer not to spend large chunks of cash for a mobile phone.

Read the complete preview here.

Bluetooth and GPRS - the perfect match - 11:36am 11-Oct-2001

Looks like the Bluetooth/GPRS combination is a match made in heaven. The wireless telcos want Bluetooth intergrated into GPRS mobiles. The R520 and T39 comes to mind.

Wireless telecom operators want Bluetooth integrated into always-on Internet cellphones, known as GPRS devices, so that their subscribers can conveniently browse the Internet and send and receive email on their Bluetooth-enabled handheld or laptop computers, CSR founder Glenn Collinson told Reuters. Bluetooth is set to be one of the key reasons for mobile phone users to upgrade to their mobile operator's GPRS service, which has just been introduced in European countries, he added.

Read the complete story here.

Ericsson Microsoft Mobile Venture abandoned - 11:35am 11-Oct-2001

Ericsson, the Swedish telephone equipment maker, and Microsoft, the software group, have abandoned plans for a formal joint venture but say they will continue to co-operate. The Ericsson Microsoft Mobile Venture was announced in a blaze of publicity in December 1999. Its aim was to produce mobile solutions for Microsoft software. However, Microsoft failed to follow through with its plan to buy 30 per cent in Mobile Venture, leaving Ericsson as the sole owner. Mobile Venture will now become part of Ericsson's global systems integration business, and future cooperation between the two companies will be covered mainly through a serious of licensing agreements.

Read the complete story here.

Bluetooth just got faster - 11:23am 9-Oct-2001

ZDNet UK in it's news article informs it's readers that there is a new Bluetooth standard that is supposed to spur the growth of the Bluetooth market. The new standard called IEEE 802.15.3 will offer a wireless data transfer rate of 20Mbps, a far cry over the existing 1Mbps in todays Bluetooth. The best part about it is it's backward compatibility to the existing standard, a very significant factor.

The new Bluetooth standard will be launched around the the end of this year. Read the complete story here.

If you wanted to know more about this new Bluetooth standard, visit the IEEE Organization or straight to the IEEE 802.15.3 Bluetooth standards.

GSMBOX does a preview of R380e - 10:41am 9-Oct-2001

GSMBOX published a preview of the Ericsson R380e, read all about it here.

Updated the Links page - 11:00am 3-Oct-2001

Updated the links page, removed an old page and added a ringtone converter site as well as a link to another Ericsson (in Greek only) website called the Talkman. Greets go to CptBill!

Sony Ericsson - 11:11am 2-Oct-2001

The Sony Ericsson web-site is up. Look at this site for new and upcomming synergy products from this merger.

Check out that site here.
Ericsson's press release can be read here.

Ericsson HBH-20 - 10:52am 1-Oct-2001

The djk Telecom page has hinted from a reliable Ericsson source that there is a new Bluetooth headset from Ericsson called the HBH-20. The site also has a picture and an instruction page on how to use it. This accessory is also listed in the FCC submitted T68's Accessory catalogue.

You can read the complete story here.