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Ericsson regains third placing 30-Aug-2001

The article in GSMBOX reports that Ericsson's market share has grown to 8.3% placing in back into third place.

In the second quarter of 2000, the total sales were about 97,98 million, equivalent to a 8,4% diminution. The market share of the Finnish Nokia, the principal manufacturer of cellular phones in the world, has gone down from 35,3% to 34,8% between the first and the second quarter of the year. In the period April-June of 2000, the segment of market of Nokia amounted to 27,5%.

The American company Motorola is at second place with a 14,8% percentage, against 13,2% of the last quarter. The number three Ericsson has raised from 6,8% to 8,3%.

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The Ericsson-Sony joint venture can be dangerous for Nokia 30-Aug-2001

According to a research, analysts at Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein. The Sony-Ericsson joint-venture could be a major threat to Nokia's dominance in the handset markets. Below is part of that news:

The workforce of 3,500 employees at the new Joint Venture should generate around US$2 million per head which is six times the US$0.33 million level reached by Ericsson in 2000.

In addition, Ericsson is expected to save between SEK6 billion ($581 million) and SEK9 billion ($871 million) and to move into a cheaper London office.

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Adding sound effects to you Ericsson games 29-Aug-2001

Updated the "Tips & Tricks" section to show you how to active sound effects to the built-in games of your Ericsson.

Sony and Ericsson complete joint venture agreement 29-Aug-2001

The two companies which signed their Memorandum of Understanding in April are well on schedule and set to establish the joint venture, Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications, as planned on October 1, 2001. The joint venture's global management will be based in London and, after necessary approvals, Sony and Ericsson will start to merge their respective operations.

Read the complete press release here.

Final Stages in Sony-Ericsson Mobile Phone Deal 28-Aug-2001

Details have been sketchy since the two electronics firms announced their plans, including which company will control the venture and branding.

In April, they said the joint company would be named Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications under a 50-50 joint venture.

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Another site called Mobile Box has reported that the deal was set to be signed on Monday (3-Sep-2001).

Ericsson T29s 27-Aug-2001

Just got myself a T29s R2A model. Will do a write-up as well as update the links page. Looks like the guys behind the T28 Knowledge Base now have a T39 Knowledge Base page in the works. Remember to visit them.

Sony On Track with Ericsson Joint Venture 24-Aug-2001

Sony says bilateral talks with Ericsson over consolidation of their mobile handset businesses has proceeded as scheduled, and there is no plan to postpone the joint venture set up.

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Ericsson Restructures for Globalization 20-Aug-2001

This is a part of that press release:

"This is an important and proactive step for us in strengthening our leading position within the telecom industry," said Kurt Hellstr”m, President and CEO of Ericsson. "Our new organization will put even more emphasis on serving our customers, reduce complexity, and more efficiently apply our resources."

Read the complete press release here.

This site has reached 10000+ hits 20-Aug-2001

Thanks for all the support people...

Your phone is you 16-Aug-2001

The Finnish government is looking to use the SIM card in place of the the national identity card. This will make the SIM a person's legal proof of identity.

Inside every digital mobile phone is a SIM card. SIM stands for subscriber information module, and the chip embedded in the SIM card is what makes the mobile yours. For now, the SIM just identifies you to the phone system, and maybe holds details of your favourite phone numbers. In future it could identify you to everyone who needs to know who you are.

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Ericsson prices to hold 3-Aug-2001

Ericsson has decided to hold their mobile prices now that the telecommunications market is stabilizing.

A similar comment was made by Ericsson Vice President Gary Pinkham, who acknowledged that his company had cut prices in the second quarter to move out older inventory in anticipation of new technology changes.

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Ericsson welcomes evolution of WAP standard 3-Aug-2001

Looks like the mobile manufacturers have upgraded the rather lacking WAP standard up to version 2.0. This should help them sell newer phones and give service providers (SP) another income stream. Below is part of that story:

On Wednesday Ericsson, N**** and M******* announced their support of the newest version of the Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) standard, WAP 2.0, as developed by the WAP Forum (TM). The companies also express their intention to develop products, content, and services based on the new standard.


WAP 2.0 has adopted XHTML Basic as the base for its mark-up language. XHTML, developed by the World-Wide Web Consortium (W3C), is the language that will be used to create all content, regardless of whether it is intended for the fixed Internet or the mobile phone world. By narrowing the gap between wired and wireless content, XHTML greatly accelerates the pace at which services can be created and improves the usability of wireless services for consumers.

You can read the complete GSMBOX article here.

SAR value on the T68 2-Aug-2001

According to the FCC submitted document, Ericsson's T68 has an SAR rating of 0.25 units (rating is SAR at peak, againts the head). SAR or Specific Absorption Rate is the measurement for the amount of radio frequency energy absorbed by the body when using a mobile phone.

The SAR unit is an internationally agreed upon standard developed by ICNIRP (International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection) based upon research work being carried out by scientific organizations around the world.

For the curious and concerned, visit the site(s):

Ericsson Health and safety in mobile telephony site.
International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP)
The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC)

If you just want to read the documents submitted to the FCC by Ericsson on the T68, refer to FCC ID PBY1130201 or just click here.

Thanks to George 184370 for the info.

Updated website 2-Aug-2001

Looks like Ericsson has updated their mobileinternet site. Along with the new yet similar feel, the site now has the long awaited MyPictures program which allows you to change and update your background picture on the new T39 and R520 mobiles.

Thanks to Mats Fredriksson for the update.