News Archive - Jul, 2001

T68 and A3618 information 30-Jul-2001

If you wanted to know more about the T68 and the A3618 mobiles, the best way to do so is via the user manual, which should give you the technical specifications as well as all it's functionality and how to use the mobile.

A guy called Johannes has a website which contains the PDF version of the manuals, do visit his page.

For the impatient, you can get the manuals directly for A3618s and T68 by clicking the names.

Ericsson strengthens its foothold in the Asian market 27-Jul-2001

Ericsson has signed an agreement which allows a Taiwan based company, Arima to have access to Ericsson's Bluetooth Intellectual Property.

You have read the complete story here.

Renegade Ericsson registers 9000 unique hits 19-Jul-2001

Thanks for all the support guys...

T39m review 19-Jul-2001

GSM BOX has done a review of the T39m and has given it a thumbs up as one of the most feature rich mobiles in it's price range.

For a price of 425 Euro, that is the current one of the Ericsson T39m, quite a lot telephones can be bought, it is true, but how many of this type? A similar GPRS tribands is only the Motorola V66, smaller and lighter but without Bluetooth and with a cost of 500 Euros.

Read the complete review here.

Mobiles to be packaged with level of radiation information 18-Jul-2001

On Monday a spokesman for the Swedish Ericsson said that the world's major mobile phone makers will start in October to sell cellphones including information about the level of radiation emitted by their devices.

You can read the complete story at GSM BOX and BBC News.

T10 -> T18 18-Jul-2001

Did a writeup on converting a T10 -> T18 and the whole works involved in doing it. Article is in the Reviews page.

T39m hits the markets... 17-Jul-2001

The Italian website CellMan has a report and picture page of the T39m mobile said to be the perfect dream mobile and the best ever produced by Ericsson. You can go visit the picture page here. An interesting thing about the T39m is that it is made in Malaysia.

Something Fancy... 9-Jul-2001

Added something fancy to the About page -- the first time I am actually posting something unnecessary. <grin>

Cellphone giants launch mobile gaming initiative 4-Jul-2001

Ericsson, Motorola, Siemens and now Nokia have launched their joint programme to develop a standard format for cellphone-based multiplayer games.

Read the complete story here and here.

Reviews Page... 3-Jul-2001

I've completed my review of a program called Ericsson ATxx Logomanager by Lead. I talk about my own personal experiances using the program in a new section called Reviews. Go read the complete article there.

Updated Links Page... 2-Jul-2001

The Ericsson world seems to be a bit slow... Word in the "" newsgroup seems to suggest that the T39m is on schedule to be launched in 2 weeks time (only time would tell). Also, I've updated the links page and archived June's news.

Am busy writing a review on a program called Ericsson Logo Manager, a program to change the startup logo/animation for the A1018, T10, T18 and T28 mobiles. Will do a writeup on this once I'm done reviewing it.

Also, I managed to see an R520m TU4 unit with R2A software in it. Will take a few pictures and do a review on that also.

Ericsson denies existence of second Symbian phone (R580) 2-Jul-2001

Ericsson is finalising its second Symbian based smartphone, the R580, while insisting to the press that the product doesn't exist.

Read the complete story here.