News Archive - May, 2001

Channel Info 30-May-2001

I have basically added a bit of information on channels info which can be activated on most Ericsson models. Thanks to C. Antoine for the information. It's still rather sketchy, so if anyone else has any info, please don't hesitate to fill in the gaps.

Major mobile manufacturers commit to supporting EMS 30-May-2001

Alcatel, Ericsson, Motorola and Siemens have announced today that they will implement EMS (Enhanced Messaging Service). They will work together to ensure interoperability between their products and also in the evolution of the EMS standard.

Read Ericsson's press release here.

T28 Knowledge Base 29-May-2001

There is a dedicated T28 knowledge base for T28 users. This site basically maintains a list of frequently asked questions and common problems and their solutions. This site looks so useful that I'll put it in my links page for all to see and use. The link can be found below:

T28 Knowledge Base

EMS service on website 28-May-2001

Iguana Mobile has recently launched a service for Ericsson mobiles that support Enhanced Messaging Service (EMS). For a limited period only, the site allows you to freely download pictures SMS's, or melodies using an open standard Over The Air (OTA) specifications. You can visit Ericsson's Iguana Mobile now.

GSM BOX does a T68 preview write-up 28-May-2001

GSM BOX has written a preview on the Ericsson T68 mobile, phone. Here is a bit of what they had to say:

Ericsson intends to recover the leadership of the mobile telephony after having lost a notable market share and having received a cold acceptance for its last models, just let's see the T28. The T68 has all the characteristics to be a winner with an endowment that doesn't leave anything to the case. This hyper-technological terminal of 101 x 48 x 19mm and 85 grams of weight, is provided with the GPRS technology, the standard arrived this year in all Europe, and with the Bluetooth technology that will facilitate the connection to the PC and to other devices (such as PDA) and will support a large number of applications.

You can read the complete preview here.

Preview on T39, T68 and Chatpen from ZA cellular 24-May-2001

Sound Africa Cellular has written a few articles on Ericsson's upcoming technology like T39, T68, and Chatpen.

Comprehensive review of the R520m 24-May-2001

Howard Chui of has written a very complete and comprehensive review of the R520m which more other sites seem to miss out. After reading this review, I simply can't wait to get my hands on a unit. Anyway, you can read the review here.

Updated the links page 24-May-2001

Updated the links page to feature On Magazine and online magazine into the mobile world.

America joins the world 24-May-2001

Looks like GSM will be the world standard after all, to find out more, jump here.

More info on the A2638sc 24-May-2001

I finally found Ericsson's A2638sc information page Also, it looks to be a China only model, much like the A1028sc.

Logos 23-May-2001

I've added a logo's section for users who wish to add their own startup/shutdown screens on their beloved Ericsson. The collection is still small, but that with the tutorial on how to convert logos designed for other mobiles should keep everyone happy for the moment.

Review of the T29 23-May-2001

GSMBOX has done a review of the T29. Below is part of that review:

Available at the moment in two variations of colour, an anthracite with blue coloured inserts, the other silver with violet/bordeaux inserts. For inserts we intend the ringlet around the antenna and the part of keyboard that surrounds the keys. The loom in light league of magnesium is now of a darker colour, burnished, like the one of its brother R320s. On the whole, all these aesthetical tricks, make the T29 in comparison with the T28, less harmonious and less elegant, but more juvenile, however discreetly pleasant. Holding it in hand the impression is to have between the hands a solid and strong GSM, devoid of those annoying scrunches that annoy, for example, the removable strike of the Nokia 8210.

Read the complete review here.

A new system for mobile payments is tested by Swedish researchers 22-May-2001

Swedish researches are testing a virtual credit card system based on an Ericsson mobile with Bluetooth technology in Sweden. Below is part of that story:

Around 100 consumers are trying out a virtual credit card service using Ericsson handsets enabled with Bluetooth technology. This is the first attempt to combine electronic payment technology with Bluetooth, which is a system that uses short range radiowaves to link devices without the need for cables.

The new system in examination allows phone users to pay for goods just entering security codes on their handsets.

Read the complete story here.

Updates to this site 21-May-2001

Updated the menus to facilitate Italian, German and French visitors to this website. This has been made possible by the translation engine of Google. Please use their site for all you searching needs.

Updated info on A2638sc 21-May-2001

The smshome website has a little bit more details about the A2638sc, unfortunately it is totally in italian and can be found here. But thanks to search engine google, you can get a translation into english here.

If you notice the trend, Ericsson seems to be launching a few of their models in Asia first before launching them to the rest of the world.

Updated and added the "Tips & Tricks" section 20-May-2001

Reworked the "Tips & Tricks" section and added a new trick which you can try on your mobile.

Preview Ericsson A2638sc 20-May-2001

Looks like the first Ericsson without an external antenna is not the T68 but the A2638sc. Searching the Ericsson website, I was unable to get any information on the A2638sc whatsoever.

This model is supposedly designed and manufactured in China. Read more about it in this preview at GSMBOX.

Site New Logo 17-May-2001

Have changed my site logo to something I like, you can see the new logo below. Ericsson has been rather quiet these days, so please forgive me if I don't seem to update my site as frequently as I did before.

Birds sing mobile phone tunes 16-May-2001

Birds in Denmark (and possibly other countries) are singing to the tune of mobiles. This gets me wondering if:

Anyway, here is part of that story:

Birds in Denmark are warbling new hi-tech songs after learning and picking up tunes from mobile phone ringtones, according to the Danish Ornithological Association.

Read the complete story here.

EDGE and UMTS, have we lost our way? 16-May-2001

Are our carriers paying too much for too many licences and too many different technologies? GSMBOX seems to think so. Below is a bit of what they have to say about todays mobile market:

Today, instead, we have to face with the reality, anything but positive. As a matter of fact, all the forecasts have suffered notable delays/postponements. The last, in order of time, is the announcement of British Telecom that has postponed the launch of the services of next generation on the island of Mann. Already in the past also the Japanese giant NTT DoCoMo has reshuffled the forecasts for the launch of the WCDMA services, which are equivalent to our UMTS. In both cases, the companies have specified that they had to face "problems of incompatibility and software stability".

Read the complete story here.

Cool campaign to attract young people 15-May-2001

Ericsson is trying to catch the attention of the younger generation and in that spirit have invested into the movie "Tomb Raider." Below is a part of that story:

Keep an eye on newspaper and TV advertising - on May 15, Ericsson is to start a new campaign in conjunction with the launch of the film "Lara Croft. Tomb Raider." At about the same time, two websites will be launched, one internal and one external, where employees and the general public can win prizes and learn more about Ericsson, the film and the game.

Read the complete story here.

Half a billion now using GSM 15-May-2001

Ericsson claims a 40% stake in the number of mobiles used around the world. Below is a bit of that story:

Half a billion people around the world are GSM subscribers, according to industry bodies and research organizations. Nearly 200 million of these users (about 40 percent) are connected over a network delivered by Ericsson, reaffirming the company's global position as leading supplier of 2G, 2.5G and 3G networks.

Read the complete story here.

Coke is it... now dial it in... 15-May-2001

People in Malaysia can now buy their coke drinks via the mobile. Enought said, here is an excerpt:

Citizens of Kuala Lumpur can now buy canned drinks from vending machines using their mobile phones. This new service, popularly known as Ring-A-Coke, is the result of a revolutionary m-commerce collaboration that Ericsson in Malaysia has with Celcom, F&N Coca Cola and WAP Portal.

Read the complete story here.

Message is that there's no end to their uses 14-May-2001

A lot of companies are thinking of expanding the usage of your mobile phones and the irony of it is that most of them don't need 3G phones but will happily work on existing 2G and WAP technologies. Below is a little of what was said:

If you thought that your mobile phone was simply for making calls and sending text messages, think again. Hugh Fraser discovers what yours may have in store for you.

You can read the complete story here.

Slow Updates 8-May-2001

Sorry for the lack of updates, but I was busy at a conference and just got back today. Updated the news archive and reset the news database for the month of May. I am looking for info on iMelody (which is what the new Ericssons are using, anybody can give me a URL on this? E-mail me.