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Ericsson T35 in the works... 30-Apr-2001

Looks like Ericsson is working on a T35 mobile (ala Communicator style) The site is in Spanish (I think), so anybody who can understand the site, please help me translate it.

See for yourself here.

Ericsson Loses Third-Biggest Handset Maker Title 27-Apr-2001

Looks like Ericsson lost it's third placing to Siemens. Below is a bit of the article:

Siemens said it sold 6.9 million mobile phones in the January-March period against Ericsson's 6.2 million units.

Read the whole story here.

Updated Links Page 25-Apr-2001

Added a melodies section in the Links page. Anybody has other links to contribute?

Sony and Ericsson getting married! 25-Apr-2001

Looks like the news reported on the 19-Apr-2001 on this site about Sony and Ericsson sleeping together is bearing fruit. Today, Sony and Ericsson have announced that they are starting a new venture called "Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications." The president of the new company will be Katsumi Ihara, the vice executive president of Sony, while the general manager will be Kurt Hellstrom, CEO of Ericsson. Below is part of the story:

The joint venture, that will be called "Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications", will be operative starting from 1st October 2001 and will launch the first products for the second quarter of 2002.

The joint venture will be responsible for the search of product, the design and the development, besides the marketing, distribution and the services of customer care. According to the terms of the accord, Sony and Ericsson will keep also their existing products.

This story was reported by GSM Box, Yahoo (Finance), and Yahoo (DailyNews).

Using Nokia logos on your Ericsson 24-Apr-2001

The Tips & Tricks section has been updated to show you how you could use those thousands of Nokia logos out there in the internet on your Ericsson mobile.

Top US lawyer seeks mobile-phone cancer cash 23-Apr-2001

The Register report of a top Baltimore lawyer trying to sue twenty-five (25) mobile or related companies for a possible cancer link. Below is part of the story:

The 25 companies targeted in the action include Verizon, Sprint PCS, Motorola, Nokia and Ericsson.

The mobile phone health debate has stirred up a string of lawsuits against the industry, but none have yet made it to court. Users have complained about the devices causing anything from cancer to diarrhoea, but the mobile phone companies have always maintained mobiles are not dangerous to health.


It would almost be like smokers 50 years ago trying to get tobacco companies to pay to put filters on all cigarettes, just in case the products turned out to be dangerous.

Seventy-one-year-old Baltimore lawyer Angelos has made a fortune during his lifetime from public health cases. He has brought titans in both the asbestos and tobacco industries to their knees -- and netted a $4 billion settlement for the state of Maryland from the latter. His fees at the time were 25 per cent of the winnings.

Read the complete story here.

This news was also report in GSMBOX and Mobile Box

Mobile phones don't need no recharge 20-Apr-2001

Developed at the Department for Energy Technology at the Fraunhofer-Institute -- Germany's answer to MIT. These guys have designed a new type of battery/solar-charger combination that works in dim-lighting conditions that make recharging to the mains an obsolete task. Below is part of the story:

The plan is to replace rechargeable batteries in mobile devices with a miniature version of the hydrogen fuel cell used to power electric cars, and recharge it with a super-efficient solar cell built into the devices.

Read the whole story here.

Sony and Ericsson sleeping together? 19-Apr-2001

Looks like Ericsson will be working closely with Sony to "jointly conduct research and development of a next-generation high-speed cellular phone." Below is part of that story:

Japan's Sony Corp. and Sweden's telecommunications giant LM Ericsson are discussing a possible tie-up of their cell phone operations to expand global market share, a Sony spokesman said Thursday.

Read the whole story here.

Wireless Industry Faces 911 Deadline 18-Apr-2001

Mobile phone carriers in the United States have till 1st Oct, 2001 to implement location capabilities by homing in on your mobile's signal. Some carriers say they are on track, others are asking for an extension. Below is part of the story:

Wireless carriers face a fast-approaching government deadline to add this capability to their systems, but some companies are pressing regulators for more time to complete the costly overhaul. Federal officials warn they will have to present a strong case.

Read the whole story here.

International GSM Pre-Paid Roaming 17-Apr-2001

I saw this information in one of the newsgroups where you can have pre-paid international roaming from a Swiss based telco called Mint.

I have not used nor tried this service nor do I endorse it, but place it here for people who wish to roam and do not want to get a nasty shock on seeing their phone bills at the end of the month because they did not know the tariffs of their telco's roaming partner.

Updated Links 17-Apr-2001

I've updated the links page, to give you more Ericsson specific web sites. If you know of any web site that has Ericsson type of program, information or support, don't hesitate to e-mail me.

Ericsson: SyncML certification for GPRS cell phones 16-Apr-2001

Ericsson will be the first mobile phone manufacturer to get SyncML certification for it's Bluetooth products. This means that it's Bluetooth products are certified to synchronize data with other SyncML certified products in the market. Below is part of the story:

Ericsson is the first manufacturer of cell phones in the world to get the SyncML certification for two GPRS cell phones. These initials point out that the product it is associated with satisfies a series of requirements and that it can interact with any other products apart from the net. Ericsson will see on the market products that support the SyncML on the market in 2001.

Read the whole story here.

New Logo 16-Apr-2001

Changed the Renegade Logo to reflect the new URL of this site. For those of you who are not sure, the new URL is:

Looking for somebody who can create a new logo for this site. Any takers?

EasyText v1.7 12-Apr-2001

EasyText v1.7 has finally been released, it has tons of improvements, a new UI and can replace a lot of other software I am currently using. Visit the site Central Park's EasyText site for more details.

Product recall of Ericsson R520m 11-Apr-2001

Ericsson will recall all R520m models it delivered in Sweden and two other European countries. It was posted in the newsgroups that an incorrect setting in the mobile which makes the batteries flat faster than it is supposed to. It is not known if this will affect their official launch of the product this friday. Below is part of that story:

Ericsson will withdraw from the market the model GPRS R520m because of a defect of the settings. For Boder, spokesman of Ericsson, asserted that the company is withdrawing all the models delivered in Sweden and a pair of other European markets, because of a bug in the setting of the model.

Read the whole story here.

Ericsson to launch R520m of friday the 13th! 10-Apr-2001

Ericsson will be launching their R520m on friday the 13th, what a special day that would be... below is part of the story:

Ericsson on Friday shipped its R520m, its first phone that supports fast General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) service, and said that it would use the phone to test a Bluetooth-based system for making payments.

Read the whole story here.

New URL for this site... 7-Apr-2001

You can visit my site by using the following URL:

You can still use the old URL, but I feel this new URL is easier to remember. Thanks Gerry!

EasyText v1.7 6-Apr-2001

Just received a beta copy of EasyText v1.7 and Scott has finally fixed the SMS problem with my R320s. The new version has everything except the kitchen sink attached to it. I'll keep you guys posted of all developments. Here's a screenshot of v1.7beta. ;-)

[image 1 removed]   [image 2 removed]

Updates (again?) 3-Apr-2001

Updated the website's Tips & Tricks and Links section. Added a tip on how to ignore somebody you do not wish to talk to when they call you.

Updates and such... 2-Apr-2001

Updated the website's Links, Wanted and News Archive sections. Sorry for the lack of updates as I was in Amsterdam, Netherlands for a few days and I will be in Colombo, Sri Lanka for a week starting from 5-Apr-2001. So, do expect the news feeds to be interrupted.