News Archive - Feb, 2001

Ericsson introduces T29 for the Asian markets 27-Feb-2001

Ericsson has just announced that the T29 is available in the Asian markets. For the press release and pictures, visit

Ericsson R520m 23-Feb-2001

If you would like to know how the new R520m phone looks like, visit these two sites here and here . These site contain some pretty high-resolution pictures of the new R520m.

You could also check out this Ericsson site here which contains support info, user manual, technical spcifications and programming info on the R520m. Warning, don't know how long these site will be up.

Thanks to "James Bond" < > for the info.

EasyText v1.6 22-Feb-2001

Just got an e-mail from Scott, the author of EasyText who has upgraded his program to v1.6. This new version has SMS/ICQ support, Phonebook and Melodies maintenance and other GSM info updates. A definite must have if you ask me.

Renegade Logo 22-Feb-2001

I have just done up a logo (see below) for my site, if anybody can do something nicer, please don't hesitate to send me your works. Also, if anybody want to link to my site, they could use the following HTML code:

<!-------------------------------------------------------------- start ->
<A HREF="">
<IMG SRC="">
Renegade Ericsson, a hobby/support site</A>
<!-------------------------------------------------------------- end --->

Ericsson, Mobiles and Flextronics 10-Feb-2001

A lot of people have asked or e-mailed me asking about what Ericsson is up to with it's mobile unit. From what I have understood, Ericsson with sell of it's mobile production facilities to Flextronics. Ericsson will however continue to design and develope mobile phones, and leave the production of such units to Flextronics. This will enable Ericsson to concentrate on it's infrastructure, technologies and R&D and at the same time, ensure that all it's designs reach the market on a timely basis.

New Firmwares 10-Feb-2001

It looks like Ericsson has released a set of new firmwares (mostly dated december 2000) for all it's current models. Usually, these are updates to fix bugs found in existing revisions of the firmware. I suspect that the latest batch of firmwares enable current models to support bluetooth like Ericsson's new bluetooth based cordless handfree kit. Anybody can confirm this?