Apple Macintosh

The macintosh page is for Apple Mac users to hopefully get some programs/utilities that would expand their experience and utilization of their Ericsson or Sony Ericsson purchase.

Note: At the moment, all development has been on the Mac OS X platform so users of OS 9 (and below) should either upgrade the Mac OS or hope somebody else develops applications on the OS 9.

If you have any other page, link or e-mail address to other Mac resources not listed on this page, please don't hesitate to e-mail me.

AppleCare Knowledge Base
Bluetooth: How to Use a Sony Ericsson T68 Phone as a Bluetooth Modem

Apple's iSync

Jonas Salling's Shareware

Tobias Lidskog

Other Resources

The Club Sony Ericsson (Unofficial) maintains a list of software for the Macintosh platform as well, you can get additional software, links and resources from them by going to their main page and digging in till you find the Macintosh pages or you can just jump in directly from here.