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The status of SMan.

A lot of people have been wondering what has happened with SMan?

Droll and I have been rather busy with our day jobs and a lot has happened the past two years. With the success of SMan for UIQ2 behind us, we shifted our attention to SMan for UIQ3 and found that porting was just too much work. It didn't help that SMan used libraries that needed the application to be signed to work properly.

That and work pushed SMan down our priority lists very quickly and if it was not for the constant e-mail from users for a proper UIQ3 port, I would not have been pushed "out of my cave" to do something about it.

I am happy to announce (if you have not been following the my-symbian.com forums) that SMan has now been revived. Droll is too busy with his daytime job and is not able to contribute to the SMan project (for a while anyway). To replace the vacumm that Droll has left, SomeOne (aka Lars Pesson) will be porting the UIQ2 code of SMan to the UIQ3 platform.

To know more about the progress of SMan for UIQ3, please follow the link here. You will need to sign up (it's free!).

AnotherGuest just passed me an early port of SMan for UIQ3. You can get your copy here and discuss about it at My-Symbian.

The SMan files.

Description Filename
SMan v1.4a (UIQ2) - English sman14a-en.zip file
Source Codes Filename
SMan v1.0 source codes (27K) sman10-sources.zip file
SMan v1.1a source codes (76K) sman11-sources.zip file
SMan v1.2c source codes (139K) sman12-sources.zip file
SMan v1.3c source codes (139K) sman13-sources.zip file

Last updated: 28-Aug-2008